Aquafresh Water Purifier Review: India Swift 12 Ltrs14 Stage (RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster) RO Purifier

If you have been following my blog, you might already know that we have been testing various RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifiers in the last few months. It was during such research I stumbled upon Aquafresh RO water purifier.

Considering the fact that many people have bought the Aqua Fresh RO purifier, I decided to test it.

R.k. Aqua Fresh India Swift is a 12 litres water purifier. It has 14 stages of water purification comprising of RO+UV+UF+Minerals+TDS Adjuster stages.

You can enjoy quality water with this purifier as it can can remove up to 80-90% of contaminants.

Coming to the aesthetic aspects, this small purifier is equally good and attractive. You will not regret buying this.

Before going into our detailed review of Aquafresh water purifier, here is an overview of what we think about it.

With a 14 stage purification process and high storage capacity, this Aqua Fresh model is a treasured asset on the performance front.
It has the latest RO/UV/UF and TDS controller that meets the most pressing demands of the customers when it comes to water purifiers
Ease of Use
 The water purifier is very easy to use; I’m sure you won’t face any issues from day 1 of using it. In fact, you’ll love having a glass of water from it.
Value for the Money
As one of the major attractions of the product is its low price and highly advanced features, it is worth investing  

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Aquafresh RO Review

Now let us have a closer look at this Aqua Fresh RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier. Tell you what, we have tested it for around three weeks before coming to a conclusion.

Let’s start!

Who Should Use this Aqua Fresh RO Water Purifier?

R.k Aquafresh India Swift is designed for both small and big families as well as slightly larger settings such as offices, restaurants, clinics and so on.

In my case, although we are a small family, we are fitness enthusiasts who are into diverse kinds of workout regimes on a regular basis. It makes the water consumption slightly higher than other families and hence its 12 litres storage capacity is excellent to meet our requirements.

One of the highlights of the product is that you don’t have to worry about the quality of water in your surroundings. It works well across all sorts of water sources that include bore well water, saline water, tap water and so on.

I recommend R.k Aqua Fresh RO purifier to:

  • Domestic uses
  • Restaurants
  • Small offices
  • Contaminated water supply from Municipal/well water supply

What You Should Know about Aquafresh Swift

A wide range of advanced features in a highly affordable package is the major attraction of this RO water purifier.

Here are the key highlights:

  • 12 Litres high storage capacity
  • TDS Controller
  • 14-stage Purification process
  • UV+UF Technology
  • RO Technology
  • Mineral Cartridges
  • Compact Design
If you don’t want to invest heavily upon those costly RO water purifiers(which are almost thrice the cost of this promising product), then R.k Aquafresh Indian Swift is a fantastic choice as it has all the high-end features and an attractive design  

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The Use Phase

R.K Aqua Fresh RO water purifier does 100% justice to it its features as prescribed by the brand. Although the water tasted slightly different on the first two days, it was odourless and clear in the following days.

The upper body of the product is highly transparent that you can trace the quality of water in a glance. It is not a big space-consuming product as its design neatly fits into any corner space.

The power consumption of this model is also low in comparison to other brands.

Most of the RO purifiers available on the market requires an additional purchase of pre-filter. However, this one comes with a pre-filter and saves your money.

Here are two small tip from my end:

  • The purified water is of excellent quality and you may also use it for your hair wash. My hair fall has reduced drastically after I switched to the purified water.
  • You may store and recycle the rejected water by RO


R.k Aquafresh is the only brand that comes with an impressive set of advanced features at this price. You can actually glance through the prices of other brands and confirm this fact yourself.

In addition to the impressive features and high storage capacity, it falls under the category of low maintenance and makes the use hassle-free.

High affordability and low maintenance without compromising quality performance make it a perfectly fitting product for an Indian middle-class family.  

Pros and Cons of Aqua Fresh Swift RO Purifier

14-stage purification process
High storage capacity
Low electricity consumption
Low maintenance Free pre-filter    
Highly affordable product
Water wastage is slightly higher
A small amount is charged for installation

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Final Thoughts

Swift Aquafresh RO water purifier is definitely worth buying for its low price tag and top of the line features. As I said earlier, you can’t even dream of a RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier with mineral control for less than INR.6000.

I have considered a number of features in my mind before arriving at this product: brand value, cost, performance, storage capacity, transparent cover, low maintenance and so on.

After doing thorough research on these aspects, I found R.k Aquafresh Indian Swift to be the most budget-friendly and exceptional R.O water purifier that suits the Indian homes.

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