Best Copper Water Bottles in India in 2021- Reviews of Top Brands

We all know about the health benefits of copper wattle bottles. This means only one thing. Every household should get the best copper water bottle. With the availability of thousands of products in the market, there is a high chance that you might end up with a duplicate or low-quality bottle. This might cause tremendous health problems in the long run. It is hard for an individual to buy and test every bottle available in the market. You don’t have to worry. Our team in Water Digest has tested some of the top copper bottles in India to come up with the top 10 picks.

You can read the reviews of the top 10 copper bottle brands in India in this article. We have considered factors like the 100% pure copper construction, leak-proof design, ease of handling, ease of maintenance and durability to rank these copper water bottles.

Best Copper Water Bottle in India- Reviews

The top 10 copper bottle brands in India are:

  1. Cop29 Essence of Life- Best of the Lot
  2. Cello Neer- Premium quality copper bottle
  3. COPPERTOWN – Easy to Maintain
  4. Prestige TATTVA TCB
  5. Ayurveda Copper- Most Stylish Choice
  6. Just Copper- Budget Copper water bottle
  7. TAGOTT Apsara
  8. Dr. Copper
  9. Watamate Aeris
  10. Milton Aqua- Best Stainless Steel Bottle

The below comparison will make it easy for your to get the right copper bottle based on your requirement:

Copper Water BottleHighlight
Cop29 Essence of LifeLeak-proof bottle with multiple Ayurveda benefits
Ergonomic design
Made with 100% pure copper
Hand-crafted and jointless
Cello NeerNon-toxic and BPA-free
Compact and portable
Leak-proof, threaded lid
Stunning design
COPPERTOWNElegant peacock print bottles
Fine quality
Includes 2 copper glasses
1-litre capacity
Prestige TATTVA TCBSilicon seal to prevent leakage
Glossy finish
15-days warranty
Easy to carry
Ayurveda CopperLightweight and portable
Easy to clean
Unique, colourful design
Matte finish
Just CopperAttractive design
Long-lasting and durable
Easy to clean
TAGOTT ApsaraPure copper bottle with double lacquer coating
Elegant and durable
Easy to clean
Joint-free and leak-proof
Dr. CopperSleek-looking
Bottle’s wide mouth makes it easy to clean
Seamless and leak-proof
1-litre capacity
Watamate AerisTextured design for an enhanced grip and feel
Premium quality
Leak-proof thread-type lid closure
Polished finish for a better style in hand
Milton AquaMade with stainless steel
Easy to clean and maintain
1-year warranty
Superior, rust-proof steel

1.       Cop29 Essence of Life – Best

If you’re looking to jump-start a healthy change in your life, a great way to begin is with the Cop29 pure and handmade water bottle. Despite a slender shape, the bottle holds a capacity of 900 ml. This Indian brand has done a remarkable job at providing durable quality.

It’s not just an ordinary copper bottle! Cop29 is designed to be sleek and ergonomic to give you the best experience ever. Its bottom velvet patch keeps the bottle safe from damage. This level of detailing isn’t something you get with all brands. And, maybe that is why the Cop29 bottle is so pricey! One of my favourite aspects about the bottle is that it is completely leak-proof, preventing accidental spillage. 

  • Slender shape for easy holding
  • Premium packaging
  • Water tastes good
  • Top-notch service

2.       Cello Neer – Premium quality

With a reputable brand like Cello Neer, there is nothing to worry about! The product is 100% original and well-worthy of praise. The sleek and shiny appearance of the bottle gives it a classic look. When it comes to value for money, Cello Neer undoubtedly steals the show. The build quality is certainly noteworthy, too! It’s a sturdy bottle with a thick copper coating.

I am thoroughly impressed with how true to claims the brand is. The best part is that the cap is spill-proof. Unlike other bottles, I have not noticed any dark stains on this bottle, despite using it for a couple of days. You will be lucky to find yourself as sleek and useful as the Cello Neer, within the same budget!

3.       COPPERTOWN 1000 ml – Easy to maintain

One brand that is synonymous with top quality is COPPERTOWN. This 1000 ml copper bottle by the brand is no different! It’s got a superior build quality, matched with a truly remarkable design. This set of two bottles includes two copper glasses as well. The funky and vibrant print enhances its overall appearance, too.

Most importantly, the bottle is coated with lacquer on the outside to prevent dark stains. It helps keep the bottle elegant and spot-free. This COPPERTOWN bottle is quite lightweight, making it fit for picnic, gym, and yoga classes!

The only slight drawback to this bottle is that it is prone to dents and may not be very long-lasting.

  • Includes detailed instructions on how to clean the bottle
  • Value for money
  • Excellent packaging

4.       Prestige TATTVA TCB 01-950 ml – Unique rustic design

If you’re looking to join the copper water bandwagon without splurging, Prestige Tattva is an excellent option! It’s another reputable brand in the business with matchless quality.

The bottle is crafted with pure copper and is designed with a glossy and shiny finish. What I love the most about the Prestige Tattva copper bottle is that it doesn’t leave behind a metallic taste. Furthermore, the bottle is easy to maintain and clean, minimizing effort on the customer’s part.

One letdown I experienced with the bottle was how dent-prone it is. If you’re carrying it to work or the gym, you will need to be extra careful to protect the bottle from damage.

Overall, it is high on aesthetic appeal, and customers trust Prestige Tattva for its quality and the endless benefits of copper!

5.       Ayurveda Copper- Best printed

The Ayurveda Copper bottle is high on style for customers looking for a high aesthetic appeal. The printed and textured look is unlike anything we have ever seen before! With a capacity of 1000 ml, it is the perfect fit for your indoor and outdoor needs.

It is one trendy bottle to have!

  • Good quality print
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Odorless aqua

While the style quotient is certainly high, we wish the quality matched up as well! I found the cap quite noisy, which can be a major turn-off, especially when using the bottle in a quiet office or classroom. Further, priced at around INR 1000, I found the Ayurveda Copper bottle slightly pricey!

6.       Just Copper – Budget-friendly

Just Copper is another well-known brand in India, for all the good reasons. Their leak-proof flask is the ideal choice for an on-the-go bottle. This is another pure copper water bottle on this list. It is constructed using pure copper and has an attractive, antique appearance.

I love how easy to carry it is with just the right grip!

If you’re worried about bumps and dents, you may not like this bottle. To keep the bottle seamless and lightweight, the brand has kept the material thin and airy, making it prone to damage. I also found the opening and closing of the cap slightly cumbersome.

7.       TAGOTT Apsara – Rust-free design

If you’re looking to steal the attention at your yoga class, Tagott Apsara is the bottle to have! With a sleek and wood-brown appearance, the flask is sure to turn many heads.

This Tagott bottle has a joint-free and rust-free design, with a leak-proof cap seal. Its wide mouth aids easy cleaning. All you require is lemon, vinegar, and some salt to clean the flask.

This handmade, premium-looking container is fit for everyday use. It is the perfect way to enrich your water with the anti-bacterial properties of copper. The velvet patch on the bottom keeps it dent-free and clean. Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the Tagott Apsara!

8.       Dr. Copper 1-Liter – Seamless copper bottle

Are you looking for a stylish way to keep your water copper-infused? The Dr. Copper 1-liter flask is made with pure metal and is hand-crafted. Moreover, the bottle is leak-proof and joint-free, which gives it a sleek touch. Weighing about 350 grams, this Dr. Copper flask is quite seamless.

  • Rust-free
  • Easy to clean with just lemon water or vinegar
  • Deep-threaded lid

When buying the Dr. Copper bottle, you may want to note that some users have noticed a chemical-like odour. It may be due to the copper coating wearing off.

9.       Watamate Aeris 950 – Aesthetic flask

Stay well-hydrated in style with the aesthetic Watamate Aeris, 950 ml container. The printed and textured design enhances the style quotient and helps improve the grip, preventing accidental spills. This Watamate bottle is made with a pure copper sheet for a durable design. The joint-free construction keeps the bottle safe from breakage and damage. If you’re a rough user, you don’t need to shy away from this one! As with several other copper bottles, this one, too, has a noisy cap. Otherwise, the flask ticks all aspects that make it a great purchase.

10.   Milton Aqua – Best stainless steel

When it comes to trustworthy brands in India, Milton surely emerges on the list. This stainless steel bottle, with a 950 ml capacity, is a must-have. It features single-wall insulation made with superior rust-proof material. Milton promises to maintain the taste, odor, and nutritional value of the water. What’s more, the flask is easy to clean using mild detergent and a bottle brush. However, as with any lightweight bottle, you may experience slight dents on the exterior due to the single-sheet insulation.

Buying Tips

With so many options on the block, making a choice becomes quite confusing. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to choose a copper bottle that best fits your needs:


The design appeal of the bottle has got a lot to do with the decision process. Among the various designs on the market, brands like Cello Neer and Prestige Tattva have managed to keep their bottles fairly plain and simple. These bottles have an antique copper-like appearance. Other bottles like the ones from COPPERTOWN, Ayurveda Copper, and Watamate have introduced cool and funky designs to make drinking water more enjoyable.

Another critical design factor is how lightweight the bottle is. The Tagott Apsara is joint-free and seamless. You can carry it anywhere you go, be it gym, office, or college! Additionally, a leak-proof cap is a must-have! Besides, the standard copper lid should be a silicon seal to prevent spillage. 


In addition to the design, it is imperative to opt for a bottle that isn’t vulnerable to scratches, dents, and rust. Just Copper has introduced its rust-free water bottle, made durably to last you long! Likewise, the Cello Neer bottle is constructed using pure copper and high-quality food-grade material free from BPA. Moreover, as the bottle is made with 100% pure copper, it is free from any impurities and health hazards.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is critical to keep your copper bottle clean to ensure hygienic drinking water. There are certain precautions to take when cleaning a copper bottle. For starters, avoid using harsh chemicals or dishwashers for copper utensils.

With a wide bottle mouth and neck, the Dr. Copper bottle is quite easy to maintain and clean. Similarly, COPPERTOWN provides an in-depth guide on how to keep the bottle clean and tarnish-free.


How to use a copper water bottle?

In order to benefit from the goodness of copper, the water must spend time in the copper bottle. Doing so will enrich the water with the essential mineral and its medicinal properties. The traditional Ayurveda practice was to store water in copper utensils overnight and then drink it in the morning.

While you may drink copper water any time, we recommend storing it for a minimum of 4 hours for the water to charge with copper ions. Here’s how you can use your copper water bottle:

  • Rinse the bottle and fill it with room temperature aqua.
  • Seal the lid to keep the water clean.
  • Let the water sit for about 4-8 hours and then drink.
  • Clean the water once, weekly.
  • You may carry the bottle to school, the office, or even the gym.

Are copper water bottles safe?

There are benefits and side effects of drinking copper water. It all depends on the quality of the copper water bottle you buy.

This age-old practice is known for its numerous health benefits, from anti-bacterial qualities to aiding weight loss and improving cardiovascular health. But, did you know that it’s not entirely safe to drink out of a copper water bottle?

One of the major concerns of using copper vessels is the risk of copper poisoning. Consuming excessive amounts of copper can lead to toxicity, resulting in nausea and vomiting. Furthermore, the metal can also react with certain acids and food substances, releasing excessive copper salts. Further, it is important to note that copper releases many ions when exposed to heat. Thus, when cleaning copper bottles, it is advised against using hot water and harsh chemicals.

Nonetheless, if you get a food-grade, high-quality bottle and limit it to drinking water, there should be no risks involved.

How long can I use one copper water bottle?

Most high-quality copper bottles are quite long-lasting. However, in the case of oxidation or tarnish, it is recommended to replace the bottle. The best way to use the bottle for a long time is by cleaning the copper bottle regularly.


Given the innumerous health benefits of using copper, today, you will find copper utensils in almost every Indian household. There is plenty of research evidence, as well, supporting this Ayurveda practice. In addition to improving health, copper is a fantastic replacement for plastic bottles and is environmentally safe.

The metal is known for its anti-bacterial properties, which help keep the water pure from harmful microorganisms. For better digestion and overall well-being, we highly advocate for the use of copper water bottles. Today, the market is loaded with fantastic options for you to choose from. We’ve covered various such bottles, from plain and classic like the Cello Neer to cool and classy like the printed bottle from Ayurveda Copper. These are undoubtedly the best copper bottle brands in India and buying them will take you one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.

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