Best Gravity based Water Purifier in India in 2019

There are two riddles we Indians face when it comes to safe drinking water.

  1. Unsafe Municipal water: Even if you have access to Municipal water, most of the times the water is affected by chemicals and microorganisms like bacteria and virus. You have no other option than to buy a high-quality water purifier
  2. Intermittent Power: Power failure is another problem we Indians face every day. If you use electric purifiers, you won’t have access to safe water during a power failure.

If you fall into this group, you have come to the right place. Let me tell you that you should read this article before doing anything today.

We have reviewed the best gravity based purifiers for your home here. Remember, they work best for low TDS of less than 300 ppm.

Water is essential to flush all the toxins from your system. But, is it always 100% Safe? We don’t think so. Here are the reasons why we don’t get safe and healthy Municipal water supply:

    • Improper water management
    • Bad environment conditions
    • Out of control pollution

Yes, it is beyond an individual to make changes on these three factors. Instead, you can invest in a good gravity purifier to drink bacteria free safe water.

Gravity water purifiers are the perfect choice for people who face scarcity of safe drinking water or electricity. They process and give drinking water which is safer than chemically affected Municipal Water and boiled water.

Moreover, the ample storage space ensures a continuous supply of water even when there is no running water supply.

If you are in a hurry to get hold of the gravity purifier, here are our top 7 picks:

Top Gravity Water Purifiers in India

Rank Product Name Highlights
1 Kent Gold Optima- Our Best Pick
  • No chemicals
  • 3 different filters
  • Long life
2 Tata Swatch- Customer’s Choice
  • 15 Ltrs. Purification
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Removes multiple infectants
3 Eureka Amrit- Best for Family Pack for 4
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 3 purification stages
  • Long cartridge life
4 Kent Gold+ – Indian Home’s Choice
  • Certified to remove Cysts
  • Entry-level purification
  • Tank-in-Tank configuration
5 Tata Swatch 27 Ltr. – Best Capacity
  • Silver nanotechnology
  • Complete safety
  • Direct tap
  • Highest capacity
6 Tata Swatch 18 Ltr. – Best for modern homes
  • Silver nanotechnology
  • Works for municipal water
  • Simple to assemble
7 Eureka Xtra Tuff – Top Portable
  • Float technology
  • Portable product
  • Tabletop installation
  • Auto-shutoff
8 Kent Gold Star – Forbids bacteria & cysts
  • UF membrane wall
  • 14 Ltrs. Purified water
  • Improved membrane life
9 Tata Swatch Smart+ – Value for Money
  • Compact
  • Easy home needs
  • Storage type filter
10 RAMA – Long-lasting filtration
  • 10-year warranty
  • UK technology
  • Water filters fast

Who Should get a Gravity based Water Purifier?

As I said before, clean and bacteria-free drinking water is essential for health benefits for every individual. Gravity based water purifiers are the need of the hour with the increasing contaminants in the water quality in major Indian cities.

Along with gravity, these purifiers have two or more stages of filtration, which require no running water or electricity.

Here is a detailed take on on the benefits of having a gravity-based water purifier.

  • Easy to use and maintain

Gravity water purifiers do not need any extensive assembling. Once you buy a gravity-based water purifier, simply put it at the decided corner and let it filter the water in quiet.

It’s very often that you get a very long guarantee of the cartridges with this type of water purifier. So, you would not need servicing of these filters any time soon. Yeah, you can forget about the hassle of changing the cartridge frequently.

Moreover, they work very well for both cities and villages. As I said before, you should ensure that the TDS level is less than 300ppm.advantages of gravity water purifier

  • Non-electric Water Purifier with High Storage Capacity

Gravity water filters work based on the pressure of the water level. They do not need any form of electricity to clean and filter the water.

In most cases, these water purifiers have ample storage space. This means you can use them when there is no power or continuous water supply.

  • Very low costs

Yeah, gravity-based water purifiers are very cheap. Even the best ones are available from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 range.

The best thing is that you can easily use these water purifiers for years without any maintenance. We can say that it’s a one-time investment for a quality standard of living.

Best Gravity based Water Purifier: Reviews

You can find detailed reviews of our top picks below:

1. Kent Gold Optima – Best and Superior Performance

Kent is the most trustable brand for water purifiers amongst the homemakers and different families in India. And within 3 years, consumers have made this product hit the list because of its excellent features. For example:

  • UF Membrane is enabled, so it forbids the entry of bacteria and other infectants.
  • It helps to remove the presence of chemicals. For example, bromine and chlorine.
  • This is the best gravity-based water filter for small family It has a storage of 10 litres. Therefore, small families have always preferred this brand and product.
  • This purifier works fine for tap or municipality water with a low count of totally dissolved solids.
Pros Cons
  • Best for smaller families
  • Fine for low contaminated water
  • Safe drinking ensured
  • Not for bigger families


2. Tata Swach- Customer’s Choice

Now your regular water, which was smelling bad and creating a lot of internal diseases, can be purified with the smart Silver nanotechnology of this product.

As we all know, Tata Swach is totally an Indian brand from the core of its operations. It understands an average Indian customer’s needs and the quality of the purifier speaks of it.

Here are the reasons why we keep Tata Swatch on the top:

  • Its purification capacity is 1500 litres while it stores 15 litres in the container.
  • Environment-friendly colors options like blue and green are available with this purifier.
  • For years, this has been the top gravity water purifier in the market with its unique selling point. Therefore, it has been recognized globally.
  • You would not need to worry about overflowing with this product because of the automatic shut-off option enabled.
Pros Cons
  • Strong body
  • Compact size
  • Fast removal of dirt and bacteria
  • Rich colour and design
  • Efficient for modern families
  • Not for joint families


3. Eureka Amrit – Best for Family Pack for 4

Every water filter should be intelligent and smart. The consumers should not worry about the failure of its components. Either it should remind the users to stop working.

And we get that feature along with Eureka Amrit—a product we found fit for a family of 4 members.

  • It has a massive 20 litres of storage to cater to the thirst of every family member.
  • Natural shut-off option is what’s best about this product. Whenever the cartridge is spoilt, it shuts off. The gravity filtration halts. And the customers get to know the problem immediately.
  • Food-grade plastic enabled water to be safe for drinking and daily consumption. The plastic of the body is safe to filter the water.
  • You can clean the purifier under regular running water.
Pros Cons
  • Family of 4 is satisfied
  • Elegant design
  • No water wastage
  • No electricity needed
  • Mesh replacement is not easy

4. Kent Gold+ – Indian Home’s Choice

We bring forward another exemplary choice for quality gravity-based water purifier available online. This one steals the show because of its capabilities to suit the needs of Indian homes specifically.

Its features are so many that customers cannot resist buying it at one glance.

  • Ultra-filtration technology ensures every bacteria, virus, and cyst is eliminated. This keeps water quality at home, free from bad-smell and taste. So, residents of lower localities can also enjoy safe-drinking habits from now on.
  • There’s no need for heavy use of chemicals to purify the water at your home.
  • We understand that sometimes we are speculative about the filtration. But, after using this purifier, customers can find peace and regain great health.
  • The price range is just around Rs. 2300-3400 because this purifier has ABS plastic, USA gold seal certificate as well.
  • In case you are new to using a purifier, this item has a complementary manual attached. Therefore, the working is pretty simple and easy.
Pros Cons
  • Tackles bad smell
  • For drinking and cooking water
  • Not for high TDS water

5. Tata Swatch 27 Ltr. – Best Capacity

Another product by Tata that tackles the need for removing every kind of harm from the drinking water to make it safe.

  • It holds massive storage capacity to take care of a large family.
  • Strong MF membrane presence along with Silver nanotechnology.
  • You can fill the container directly from the tap, as this purifier does not slip. It can be kept at different places, and it would not break easily.
  • The filtered water in the lower tumbler would be around 14 litres. So, your family can easily quench the thirst in summer days.
  • It saves the environment as there is no requirement for electricity or external chemicals to clean the water quality.
  • The price range is around Rs 2500-2700, which is quite a mediocre price for the TATA brand purifiers.
Pros Cons
  • Eliminates water-borne disease
  • Suitable for the summer season and large family size
  • Can be used outdoors
  • No shut-off option
  • Not for hard water

6. Tata Swach Cristella – Best for modern homes

With Tata Swach Cristella, your home will never have water with a bad smell or unhygienic conditions. This gravity-based water purifier will help in destroying all the bacteria and virus count present in the water storage.

  • It comes with the bulb indicator to warn you about the life of the cartridge. So, you can replace it on-time.
  • At a time, you will get around 9 litres of water that’s filtered. So, it’s suitable for cold or pleasant weathers. Otherwise, students and bachelor needs are met in summers.
  • The purifier is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Ranging from Rs. 1700-2000, it fits the bill for young couples or students.
Pros Cons
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Requires less space
  • Perfect for 2-3 members
  • Works fine for a year or more
  • Cleaning every week
  • Hassle to set up
  • Tightening of the tap isn’t easy

7. Eureka Xtra Tuff – Portable

Take this purifier anywhere you want to. Don’t just be locked inside the house. Are you confused about why we are saying that? Well, this purifier is the one the best in the market for portability. It serves the purpose of indoors as well as outdoors.

  • With auto-shut off button, this purifier avoids overflow of the water. Therefore, you can fill the tank and forget about the wastage.
  • The purifier is lighttweight and comes with a tough body. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, you can take it anywhere without worrying about leakage or breakage.
  • The table-top storage facility of this purifier enables safe and healthy drinking quality for up to 15 litres of storage.
  • It can also handle TDS level in the water, but that’s up to 300 units.
  • In case you are confused regarding its assembling procedure, you can contact their customer service, or even check the manual. It would not take much time to install and start running.
  • Overall, it takes 20-25 minutes to fill the container of this purifier. So, you need to fill it either at night or in the morning, before going on about your daily chores.
Pros Cons
  • Very compact
  • Highly portable
  • No worried for wastage
  • It can handle TDS too
  • Not ideal for a big family
  • Needs to be assembled

8. Kent Gold Star – Forbids Bacteria & Cysts

If you are looking for a gravity-based water purifier which hinders the bacterial or Cysts’ entry inside the water, then you are at the right section of the blog. This purifier is a cut-above then others in aspects like UF membrane and unique design.

  • It promises every consumer pure water quality without needing to mix harmful chemicals like Iodine or Chlorine.
  • The UF membrane is so durable that it has only 0.1 microns of space in its pores. Therefore, no micro-organisms can enter in. That is why this purifier is best for people living in dusty or polluted cities.
  • As we all know, how the water we drink gets contaminated within a few seconds in the air. So, now neither of us would have to think twice before covering the water container.
  • Worldwide labs have tried and tested the purity assurance from this purifier. And it has not failed. It has proved 100 percent quality assurance like none other.
  • These laboratories are WQA and NSF. Hence, you can easily trust this brand and the product for a long-term commitment.
Pros Cons
  • Best for 3-4 family members
  • Requires no battery
  • World-wide tested in labs
  • Can handle a low amount of TDS
  • Cartridge works fine for months
  • Not prefer for outdoor needs
  • Only one color available


9. Tata Swatch Smart+ – Best Value for Money

This purifier is a compact deal offering value for money to its customers. Under the extreme heat or humid environment, when the bacteria in the air rises above average level, this water purifier works totally up to the level.

  • It is internationally recognized because of its unbeatable performance.
  • The whole process of purifying the water has no chemicals involved. So, you don’t need to worry more about diseases or allergies.
  • It has a bulb indicator to denote that the cartridge has stopped functioning. Therefore, you will know on-time when to replace it with a better one.
  • In fact, it can handle up to 650-700 level of the TDS of the groundwater supply. It proves that this product is definitely the best and cheap gravity-based water purifier under the range of Rs. 1450-1700.
Pros Cons
  • Suitable for groundwater
  • Compact in size
  • Different colour options available
  • High TDS can be cleansed
  • No protection against UV
  • No automatic shut-off

 10. RAMA – Long-Lasting Filtration

If you don’t want to invest your money in any other water purifier for a long time, this one fits the bill from every corner.

  • The manufacturers are from India but have used UK technology in its design. So, this purifier serves both international and domestic standards.
  • You are not going to fall sick because of the contaminated water quality again. By being top-notch in its quality, this is the best gravity water purifier for reaping health benefits from premium water quality.
  • The range of this purifier is the costliest of all—falling between Rs. 4550 to Rs. 5500. So, you would need to put a lot of thought before purchasing this product.
Pros Cons
  • Prevents diseases
  • Lasts long
  • Has imported technology
  • Made in India
  • A bit costly
  • Lower storage capacity.

That’s all about the reviews. I really hope you might have found the right gravity purifier for your home by now.

If not, don’t worry.

Here is a comparison table of the gravity-based water purifiers we have reviewed:

Comparison Table of Top Gravity Water Filters

Rank Product When to Use Storage Capacity Price Warranty Handle TDS
1 Kent Gold Optima Entry-level 10 Ltr. 1300-1700 1 year + 3 years no service charge <200
2 Tata Swatch Smart Drinking and MCD 15 Ltr. 1300-1400 6 months 150-200
3 Eureka Amrit Corporation/MCD 20 Ltr. 2200-2500 6 months 350
4 Kent Gold+ Entry-level, Tap, MCD 20 Ltr. 2200-3400 1 year <250
5 Tata Swatch 27 Ltr. Tap 27 Ltr. 2700-3000 6 months 50-200
6 Tata Swatch Cristella Borewell 18 Ltr. 1700-2000 6 months 50-100
7 Eureka Xtra Tuff Well & Normal 15 Ltr. 1450-2100 6 months 300
8 Kent Gold Star Any source 22 Ltr. 2650-3100 1 year low
9 Tata Swatch Smart+ MCD 15 Ltr. 1450-1700 6 months 650-700
10 RAMA MCD 32 Ltr. 4550-5500 10-years low

Gravity Water Purifier Buying Guide

We are not leaving you with just those reviews.

Remember, a water purifier is one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s not a gadget, it’s going to define and decide your health in the coming years.

So, you should have a strong understanding of what you need (and don’t need) while buying a gravity-based water purifier.

Here is our buying guide to help you out in choosing the right gravity-based water purifier:

What Kind of Water can it filter?

This is the most important thing to notice before buying a gravity-based water purifier from the market. You can use this water purifier in the following scenarios:

  • For soft Municipal water not containing viruses and heavy metals.
  • For TDS less than 300 ppm

If you have a well or borewell water, buying a purifier that filters only MCD won’t work.

Family Size and the Capacity of Purifier

gravity water purifier reviewsBuying a small gravity water purifier to feed the daily water needs of a family of 4-5 people would be a foolish idea. At least one of them will have to sacrifice their needs.

Why would you go through so much trouble when you can buy purifiers like Tata Swatch and RAMA for bigger family needs? Hence, it’s necessary to have a rough idea about your family’s average water consumption per day before finalizing a product.

What is Your Water Source?

As I said before gravity water purifiers might not work well for well and borewell water.

If your ground level or borewell water source has higher TDS, then you need to buy a gravity based water purifier with the capacity of handling at least 250-300 TDS.

It’s a good practice to check the TDS level of the water before buying the purifier.

Which Kind Of Bacteria Does Gravity Water Filters Kill?

Check whether the gravity-based water purifier kills any bacteria, viruses, cysts or not. If the source of water at your home, office, or rented-house is prone to bacteria, then buy Tata Swatch or Kent Gold.

Is It Under Your Budget?

The budget won’t be an issue when it comes to gravity water filters. Majority of the gravity water purifiers are ranging from Rs 1500 to Rs 5000.

But you don’t have to always invest at the higher end.

Why? The price depends on the following factors:

    • The capacity of the Purifier
    • Additional features
    • Warranty

Supposedly, if you are living alone as a student, spending Rs. 3000-5000 on a water purifier might sound really odd. In such case, Rs. 1500-2000 would be enough—matching your daily needs.

The bottom line is that you should always have an understanding of your requirement before heading to the online store or market.

FAQs about Gravity Purifier


I know you still have some unanswered questions in your mind. You can find answers to some of the most common questions people ask about gravity purifiers below.

What is a gravity-based water purifier?

It’s a filtering machine that purifies the water that’s either contaminated or bad to for drinking. And it uses the gravity of the water pressure to work.

What is the difference between Gravity-based water purifier and RO

RO is the electrically functioned purifier to remove the hardness as well as TDS contaminating the water. However, gravity-based water purifiers work best for entry-level, tap, MCD, and regular drinking water that is prone to dust, bacteria, virus, and other infectants.

Is Gravity-Based water purifier good?

For low levels of TDS involved, it works pretty well for small to large families.

How does gravity water purifier work?

Usually, these purifiers have two chambers. The lower one is the filtered one, and the upper chamber is the remaining storage, which creates a gravitational pressure to filter the water.

When can I use Gravity water Purifier?

You can use gravity water purifier in the following situations:

  • To purify Municipal water containing bacteria, protozoa, and cyst.
  • For water with TDS less than 300 PPM

When can’t I use Gravity based water filters?

One of the main drawbacks of gravity water filters is that they don’t work at higher TDS. Here are the situations when you shouldn’t use them:

  • For TDS more than 400 ppm.
  • For water containing virus and heavy metals

How long would it take for a gravity water purifier to purify the water?

On average, 15 litres of water can be purified within 30-40 minutes. And immediately after 5 minutes of purification, you can start drinking the water.

When was gravity water purifier invented?

Around 1800s John Doulton was already making these purifiers in London because of the increase in a number of water-borne diseases.


when can you use gravity water purifierIndia doesn’t have enough water to drink. It’s no doubt that every home in India needs a water purifier. Gravity based water purifiers are the best and cheapest one you can get.

Implementation of simple technology makes this non-electric water purifier the favorite of many homes in our country. These purifiers prevent the entry of germs like bacteria and viruses with tried technology in the labs.

Overall, these gravity-based water purifiers are highly suitable for the Indian homes and Indian water standard. Using a gravity water purifier is bring home extreme relief from bad smell and taste for normal or tap water.

But we should also keep in mind that for higher cleansing of water from stubborn contaminants, we would have to go for premium and electronic water purifier.

I hope you really like our reviews of the best gravity water purifiers available in India. If you’re still facing any issue in choosing one, do let me know in the comments.

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