Best High-Pressure Shower Head to buy in 2022- Reviews

Everyone of us like to enjoy our showering time . You need the best high-pressure shower head in Your bathroom for this. These shower heads will not make you a frustrating figure in the bathroom where the pressure is low. Further, the shower head will ensure that you get an exotic bathing experience.

The main pitfall in picking the right shower head is the abundant choices you have in the market. There are a lot of low quality products and you might end up with the wrong one if you don’t pay close attention. Just imagine if you happened to buy a low-pressure shower head, install it and then you regret your decision? Yeah, you don’t want that.

This article on the best shower heads in India will solve your problem. We have reviewed top 10 picks that will give you the best performances. We have also reviewed some of the best water softeners you should use along with shower heads to get the healthy set-up in your bathroom.

Before we dig further, here is our top choices when it comes to shower heads for Indian homes:

WaterScience Cleo Best choice
Easy DIY installation
Reduce hair and skin issues due to hard water
Advanced water-saving options
Water hardness specialist
ALTON SHR20795 SS-304Most bought shower head
Great design
Good water pressure
Excellent anti-clogging anti-aging technology
KOHLER Rain DuetEasy to clean
Wide coverage shower
Elegant design and performance
Luxurious showering experience
WaterScience For spa experience
Easy DIY installation
Longer cartridge life
Made for Indian water conditions
Hard water specialist
Kohler – 75924IN-CPBest rain shower head
Elegant design
Unique showering experience using two sprays at a time
Wide coverage shower
Aquieen H2MicroWater-saving choice
Multiple flow options
Can be installed on any shower hand
Medium budget choice
ALTON Rainluxe 20520 ABSBest budget choice
Anti-aging and anti-clogging
Excellent performance with rain shower head
Good durability
Easy to clean
Hindware F160039CPBudget-friendly option
Fresh, lustrous mirror look technology
Easy to install
ALTON ABSSpa experience within the budget range
Build with high-quality durable material
Suitable for all including children and pets
Easy installation
Multiple spray modes with anti-clogging technology
ALTON SHR20180Premium choice
Best option for your hair and skin
Good water-saving option
Excellent quality builtValue for money

Do you need a high pressure shower head?

You need a high-pressure shower head as low pressure in shower heads could profoundly reduce the quality of your bathing experience. Lack of water pressure urges you to take longer showers to get yourself cleaned. It also shatters the self invigorating, stress-relieving experience that is expected from a shower. Low pressure is associated with undersized supply piping, debris buildup, pressure regulators, low flow rates, etc.

If you have experienced any of the above-said problems, you might need a high-pressure shower head. What are the benefits of using a high-pressure showerhead?

  • Conservation of water- allows a quick rinse with only a reasonable amount of water.
  • Energy-efficient options- inbuilt restrictions that limit the flow of water saves energy.
  • Saves money- by reducing water and electricity bills.
  • Improved bathing experience- gives good cleansing and a relaxing experience.

High-pressure shower heads inject air to the chamber inside to improve the intensity without using extra water.

Best High-Pressure Shower Heads- Reviews

1.     WaterScience Cleo SFM-419 ABS, the overall best choice

If you are looking for a shower head that ensures clean water free from chlorine and hardness, this is the product for you.

DIY installationPrice towards the higher end
Unique filter cartridge
Fits well with standard
½ inch shower arms
Water efficient

It contains filter cartridge to remove high hardness of water from bore well/tanker water. It also provides a cartridge variant for municipal/chlorinated water. This efficient filtering protects your hair and skin from harmful effects.

An attractive DIY installation kit is provided so that you don’t need a plumber to fit it. It fits all standard ½ inch faucets and shower heads.

Five flow options which includes massage mode, pulse mode, waterfall mode and mist mode assures the perfect showering experience for your mood. Mist mode is excellent for water conservation with up to 70% water saving. This product is a good option if you are looking for a model with multiple flow options.

60 days return period and assured replacement for 5 years are also available. The price of the product is Rs. 2695.

2.     ALTON SHR20795 SS-304, the aesthetically superior option

The sleek, modern design in silver color makes it an aesthetically superior choice. It is made with SS-304 Grade steel material with chrome finish.

Self cleaning rubber nozzlesOnly one flow option
One year warranty
30% water efficiency
Adjustable angle
Stainless steel filter

It offers powerful water pressure. This ensures that a consistent rain shower is guaranteed for you even under low water pressure. Heat resistant silicone nozzle prevents aging as well as clogging. Touch clean option is also provided which makes it easy to clean.

30% water efficiency is provided by this shower head by mixing air with 70% water. This greatly helps with energy conservation as well.

It provides only one flow option, which is the rain option. The stainless steel filter ensures clean water for a good showering experience. It also imparts a graceful shine which doesn’t fade easily.

If you are focused on an elegant design with no budget constraints to pull you back, this is the model for you. It is available for a price of Rs. 3050.

3.     KOHLER Rain Duet, your durable option

If you are looking for a durable, premium designed, easy to clean model within the budget range, this is the model for you.

10 year warrantyLow water efficiency compared with others.
Premium design
Larger water drops
No-tool installation
1o times more durability than normal standard

MasterClean Spray face provided by this model is easy to clean. This premium design comes in ABS plastic material with chrome finish. It provides 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate. Larger, more luxurious water drops are created by infusing 2.2litres of air into 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Installation process is made easy with a no-tool installation which requires only hand tightening. You don’t need the help from a plumber.

Corrosion and tarnish resistant technology gives it a durability which exceeds the industrial standard by a factor of two. It is available for a price of Rs. 1620.

4.     WaterScience , the luxurious premium choice

If you want to go the extra mile for a spa like experience with a great overall performance, this option is for you.

Inner filter cartridgeRelatively expensive
Great for hair and skin issues
Spa like experience with aromatic essential oil pads
Made for Indian conditions
Long life replacement cartridges

Two filter cartridge options for hardness/chlorine and high hardness from bore well/tanker water are available. This unique 4 layer filter system helps to reduce hair fall and dermatological issues drastically. Replacement cartridges come with a long life up to 6 months.

Easy 3 minutes DIY installation lets you avoid the need of a plumber. It fits all standard ½ inch shower arms. 10 replaceable aromatic essential oil pads with 5 different aromas give you a luxurious spa like experience.

This product is made in India according to the needs of Indian water conditions. Mist mode enables up to 70% water saving with each shower. Assured replacement for 5 years is also available.

Overall, it offers you a good value for money experience. It is available at a price of Rs. 3295.

5.     Kohler – 75924IN-CP, your multi function choice

If you are looking for a relaxing shower experience with multiple spray options, you might want to go for this option.

Multiple spray optionHigher price
Multiple spray options
10 years warranty
2.5 gpm flow rate

This model is made with plastic with chrome finish for imparting shine.  A spray face area of 122mm gives it an aesthetically pleasing look along with its great performance.

It has multiple spray options which are named relaxing rain, pulsating massage and aerated foam. Luxurious large water drops made by infusing 2.2 litres of air into 2.5 gallons of water gives you a peasant showering experience. Option to use two sprays at a time takes it to the next level. It offers you the excellent multi spray experience.

10 years manufacturer warranty is available. Price of this product is Rs. 3100.

6.     Aquieen H2Micro, the budget friendly multi flow option

This is the budget friendly option for you, if you are looking for an affordable multi flow model.

5 flow optionsShower arm not included
Budget friendly
2 year manufacturer warranty
Saves water
Easy to install

It is built with ABS with brass ball and silicone nozzles. These prevent corrosion and give durability.  This also makes it easy to clean.

Multi flow options include mist, classic rain, massaging pressure jet, mist with rain and rain with massaging pressure jets.  Mist and rain options help you to reduce water and energy charges.

 It is easy to install, just need to screw in to the shower tube. Shower handle is not provided in the package. It will fit any other shower arms. But best results will be obtained with the Aquieen shower arm.

Two years warranty is provided against manufacturing defects. Price is Rs. 1300.

7.     ALTON Rainluxe 20520 ABS, the best budget choice

For a budget friendly option with excellent performance, this might be the product for you.

Budget friendlyShower handle not included
1 year warranty
Anti aging-anti clogging silicone nozzles
Easy installation

It is built with ABS with chrome finish which gives good durability and shine. Silicone nozzles protect it from aging and clogging.

This product gives a single flow that is rain. It will give you a satisfying showering experience at low and high pressures. Advanced air technology helps you to save water by offering more pressure.

Installation is easy within 5 minutes without the need of plumbers. The package doesn’t contain shower arm.

One year manufacturing warranty is provided. It is available for a price of Rs. 690.

8.     Hindware F160039CP, the budget option

It offers a budget friendly choice to upgrade your showering experience to the next level.

Budget choiceOnly one flow option
No blockage in nozzles
Good water pressure
1 year product warranty
Rain flow effect

This product is made with brass ingots containing a certain amount of copper. It has chrome finish with mirror glass technology. This gives it a superior durability to plastic. The package contains shower head fixed to the shower arm along with wall flange.

It comes with the normal rain flow effect. Bell shape ensures easy rain like flow. Blockage in nozzles is prevented by using Rubbit technology.

The product comes with one year warranty. The price of the product is Rs. 830.

9.     ALTON ABS, the extensive use option

This model offers you multiple flow settings within a reasonable price range.

Five settingsSmall size
Adjustable shower head
Easy installation
Good water pressure
Anti-aging, anti-clogging silicone nozzle

It is made of ABS with chrome finish with arm and wall flange. Adjustable shower head is another feature.

The model offers five functions namely Rain AIR, Full Spray with Rain AIR, Full Body Spray, Full Spray with Massage and Massaging Spray. It enables you to experience a spa like experience at home.

High pressure shower head ensures a powerful performance even under low water pressure. Overhead shower is ideal not only to adults, but also for kids and pets. Heat resistant silicone nozzles help to prevent clogging as well as aging.

The model is easy to install, without the help from a plumber. It offers an overall great performance within the price range. The price of this product is Rs. 1600.

10.  ALTON SHR20180, the ultimate premium choice

It provides you with an efficient filtering against harsh hard water. If you are someone determined to save your hair and skin, this might be the prod from hard water, this product for you.

Removes water hardness and effects of chlorinePrice is to the higher end
Protects hair and skin
Five spray patterns
80% water saving with good water pressure
Adjustable angle

This model is made of heavy duty ABS plastic. A durable swivel joint fitting allow good flexibility. Angle is adjustable. This modern design is rust proof, and can also be used outdoors. It comes with five different flow options. These are mist, rain, massage, rain and massage and rain and mist. Oxygenated water flow gives you a natural water fall like experience.

Effective filtering for hard and chlorinated water is provided with the help of replaceable multi stage cartridges. It removes most of the calcium, magnesium, pesticides and even bacteria as well. This can help you in reducing dryness of skin and dullness of your hair. Reduced chlorine levels may help to minimize allergic effects.

Vitamin C infused in the filtration process nourishes skin with natural moisturizers and minimizes skin dryness. Maifan stones are also infused to it which maintains natural PH of your body. This shower filter water softener acts as a moisturizer, purifier, softens and provides the best feeling for sensitive skin.

This premium choice is available for a price of Rs. 3900.

Shower head Water Softenres- Why Do You Need Them?

Shower head water softeners are required to clear your water from hardness and chlorine. Hard water is a serious concern in many Indian households. Chlorinated water in municipal supply makes the condition of water even worse. So it becomes important to get rid of these out of your water for a pleasant, healthy showering experience.

Water hardness is caused by excess amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. Bore wells and municipal water supply often provides you with hard water. Though not toxic, it affects the health of our skin and hair. It can also affect the outlook of your bathroom.

  • Dryness of skin
  • Help to worsen acne
  • Hair loss and dullness
  • Allergic responses
  • Eye irritation
  • White deposits on bathroom walls and floor

Water softeners use different methods, mainly the ion exchange method to get rid of the metal ions causing hardness. Most filters are equipped with KDF and vitamin C to remove chlorine and chloramine.

It is easy for your skin and hair to absorb contaminants when warm and wet. So shower head water softeners are an essential equipment to be considered to ensure a healthy and moisturised shower.

Some of the top water shower softeners and shower heads with water softening filters are reviewed below.

1.     CLEO SFW-815, your overall efficient choice

It offers a decent performance within a moderate price.

Removes suspended particles and bacteriaNot designed to reduce turbidity
Removes chlorine and heavy metals
Reduces water hardness
Four layer filtering
Cartridge life of 6 months

It uses patented KDF fluid media for chlorine treatment. Installation is easy which can be done within 3 minutes. A proprietary combination of zeolites and hardness dispersal media are used to reduce water hardness. Price is Rs. 2295.

2.     Purifit, your multi stage filtration choice

This model offers a good filtration within a moderate price for you.

Pros Cons
15 stage filtering systemCan’t reduce TDS
Vitamin C and E layers to nourish skin
Reduces water hardness
Eliminates chlorine
Two year warranty

This filter uses KDF to get rid of chlorine. Poly phosphate crystals convert hard water salts to water soluble ones. This reduces water hardness. . Further, the showerhead ensure European safety standards. You will get two year warranty too. The installation video link is provided. You can get this product for Rs. 20003.    

3. Quarfee, the premium choice

If you are looking for a muti-stage filter without budget constraints, this is for you.

Fast remove chloramines, chlorine and fluoridePrice to the higher end
Reduces water hardness
Reduces dirt and bad odours
No-tool easy installation
Four to six months cartridge life

It can fit multiple locations.  Vitamin C and KDF is used to give a clean nourishing waterto you skin. Two cartridges are included in the package. The price is around Rs. 3000.

4.     WaterScience Shower Heads

WaterScience offers Cleo multi-flow shower filter and aromatherapy shower head, which are great against water hardness. Both are reviewed in the first section. They are priced at Rs. 2750 and Rs 3300, respectively.

Buying Guide for High Pressure Shower Heads

Here are the factors you should checkout before buying a high-pressure shower head.

Water pressure

High-pressure shower heads work by exerting extra pressure on water inside the chamber. High pressure, along with mixing air, will give you the best experience without using additional water or energy. Some of the good choices for this are:

Hindware F160039CP 

Priced at around Rs. 800, it is the most budget-friendly shower head, which gives you good water pressure. It comes with only one showering mode, which is the rain mode


This model offers you 5 modes of water flow along with good water pressure. Price is in the medium range, Rs. 1600.


This premium model from Alton also gives you excellent water pressure with 5 flow modes. The price is around Rs.4000.


The material used to make the showerhead determines its life span and amount of clogging and corrosion. Brass, stainless steel, and ABS plastic are the common materials used for shower heads.

Brass and stainless steel are the most durable materials for shower heads. Porcelain is also great for durability. Plastics such as ABS are also quite durable, though not as the others. Chrome finishing is used to give ABS the shine. Stainless steel is the best for the price and durability.

  • ALTON SHR20180- material used is brass with a price of Rs. 3900
  • Hindware F160039CP – material used is brass with a price of Rs. 830
  • ALTON SHR20795- material used is steel with a price of Rs. 3050
  • ALTON Rainluxe 20520 ABS- material used is ABS with a price of Rs. 680
  • WaterScience Cleo- material used is ABS with a price of Rs. 2695

Flow modes

Different water flow modes enable you to get a spa-like experience. Many shower heads offer multimode water flow for you to choose from according to your mood.

  • ALTON SHR20180: It comes with 5 flow options- Rain, Massage, Mist, Rain+Mist, Massage+Rain. Its price is Rs. 3900
  • ALTON ABS: This model also offers you 5 flow options- Mist, Mist+Rain Spray, Massage Spray, Normal Spray, and Jet Spray. The price is around Rs. 1600.
  • Aquieen H2Micro: This gives 5 flow options- Mist, Classic Rain, Massaging Pressure Jet, Mist with Rain & Rain with Massaging Pressure Jets. It is available for Rs. 1300.
  • Kohler – 75924IN-CP Rain Duet: With this model, you will get 3 flow options like relaxing rain, pulsating massage, and aerated foam. The price is Rs. 3100.
  • WaterScience Cleo: It offers 3 flow options- Waterfall mode, Pulse Mode, Rain mode. It is available for Rs. 2695.

Water softening effect

Water hardness causes damage to hair and skin. Shower heads equipped with water softeners and filters could save you from these.

  • WaterScience Cleo : It offers the type of cartridges to choose from. One for the standard hardness of chlorinated water and the other for high hardness from borewell/tanker water. The price is close to Rs.2500.
  • WaterScience Aroma Therapy: This model from water science also offers you two cartridges to choose from. One for the standard hardness of chlorinated water and the other for high hardness from borewell/tanker water. The price is near Rs. 3250.
  • ALTON SHR20180: This model contains a cartridge enhanced with KDF-55, Vitamin C, and other filters. They remove metal salts, chlorine and moisturize the skin and hair. 

Last but not the least, you should also look for a easy to clean shower head. Otherwiese, you will spend a lof time cleaning your showerhead.


  • What is the best shower head?

The best shower head would offer you sufficient water pressure for a comfortable shower. It thus helps to save water, energy, time, and money. It should also provide filtration and water softening—this helps to get rid of water hardness and chlorine which are detrimental to skin and hair.

  • What is an abs shower head?

ABS is a plastic material that offers good durability. It is chemical and abrasion resistant with superior strength. This material is very sturdy and can ensure a long life span by withstanding corrosion. Overall, it is an excellent material for manufacturing shower heads

  • How to open a shower head?

Most shower heads would have a screw in the middle of the upper part with holes. By opening this, you can disassemble the shower head. But in some models, you might need to twist the top of the shower head cautiously without breaking it. Use a dry cloth to get an extra grip.

For an ideal showering experience, you may want to install the shower head approximately 80 inches from the bathroom floor. But this is not a strict requirement. This height is recommended to ensure equivalent comfort for people with different heights.

  • How to increase water flow in the shower head?

Water flow in shower heads is affected by various factors which could cause low water pressure. You can use a high water pressure shower head to replace your regular shower head to get over it. Installing a pressure pump in the water supply could also help you. You may also want to check for Plumbing issues, leakage, etc., which could cause low pressure at the shower head.


Low water pressure in shower heads could compel you to take longer, unsatisfactory showers. High water pressure shower heads could save you from this. They offer a water and energy-efficient showering experience. Multimode showering patterns and filtration with water softening could benefit the quality of your life positively. Hard water can cause various issues to your hair and skin. Though not toxic, problems like dryness, dullness of hair, hair fall, acne, etc., could be caused by hard water and chlorinated water. A high water pressure shower head with suitable filter cartridges assures a comfortable and healthy showering experience.

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