Best RO UV Water Purifier in India in 2019 to Remove Sediments and Germs from Drinking Water

Sometimes what you need is a RO+UV water purifier bring back the happy days you used to have. Microbial infected and sedimented water is a great threat to every household.

In fact, Indians face the uphill task of getting drinking water devoid of germs and sediments.

This is where getting the best RO UV water purifier can be the gamer changer for you.

A RO+UV water purifier makes your drinking water the safest in the following manner:

    • Lowers higher TDS levels
    • Sterilizes germs like virus, bacteria, protozoa, etc
    • Removes sediments and mud

So, if you are eager to check out the top players in India, here is a quick overview.

Feel free to take a look!

Top RO+UV Water Purifiers in India

Rank Products Highlights
1Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart+: Best Choice
  • Modern look with black color available
  • Light and silent
  • Cost-Effective
  • 15 litre/hour purification rate
  • Excellent durability
2Kent Grand: Customer’s Pick
  •  Traditional Kent design
  • Highly durable and premium exterior
  • 8 litre tank and 15 litre/hour purification rate
  • Intelligent indication mechanism
  • Amazing customer support
3RK Fresh: High Tank Capacity
  • 15 litre tank capacity, enough for your extended family!
  • Highly intense UV Lamp
  • Competitive purification rate
  • Average Quality exterior
4Livpure Glow: Most Elegant look
  • Simple and elegant, yet durable
  • Excellent material quality
  • No indicators
  • Mineraliser pre-installed
  • High tank capacity
5Ruby Controller: Great Purification range
  • 10+ purification steps makes the water safe from several impurities normal purifiers don’t.
  • Mineraliser pre-installed
  • Mediocre exterior material quality
  • 12 litre Tank, a huge advantage.
  • High purification rate.
6RK Aqua Fresh ZX: Best for small families
  • 12 litre tank with an amazing purification rate!
  • Traditional design
  • Durability is no issue!
  • Easy to use
7HUL Pureit Advanced: Low maintenance choice
  • 5 litre tank and sufficient purification rate
  • Small, compact and easy to fit
  • Great for small families, or bachelors.
  • Sufficient durability
8P-Link RO+UV Purifier: Most Cost-effective
  • It provides everything under one roof.
  • 12 litre tank capacity but slow purification rate
  • RO+UV tech at work!
  • Stunning design
  • Fairly famous brand
9HUL Pureit Classic: Most Durable
  • Exterior material is of excellent quality and therefore highly durable.
  • Mediocre comparative purification rate.
  • 5 litre tank capacity, enough for a small family
10Blue Star Aristo: Cheap all-rounder
  • Has everything available in a normal price range.
  • Great design and overall aesthetics
  • 7 litre tank, great for handling a medium sized household.
  • Great customer service from a fairly known brand.

What is RO UV purification?

RO+UV purification involves both RO and UV treatment of your drinking water. This is how each method helps:

  • RO: Reverse Osmosis helps in removing sediments or muds from water.
  • UV: Ultraviolet rays helps in killing germs like viruses, bacteria, etc.

Should you buy RO UV purifiers?

Although RO UV purifiers are one of the best water purifiers in India, you don’t need them often.

So, when should you get one?

If your answer is yes to the

  • Your drinking water source has a high TDS level. (300+ ppm)
  • Water contains mud, microbes, lead, cadmium, pesticides or other impurities
  • Water has

I strongly recommend that you check other types of purifiers if these requirements aren’t met.

Best RO UV Water Purifier Reviews

#1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aquasure Smart+

Talk about trusted brands and here comes Eureka Forbes! The oldest and one of the most loved brands in India. With their products, you can let go of your worries!

Aquasure Smart+ tops our list for so many reasons.

Along with delivering great performance and durability, it is also cost-effective. This quite frankly, is difficult to find in a product nowadays.

Main reasons however are its purification intensity and durability. Not only do the cartridges have a better life, but they also deliver better results. Isn’t that great?

Also, thankfully, with MTDS tech, the TDS level is automatically managed by Smart+. Otherwise, water would’ve become completely tasteless.

However, tank capacity is a downfall here. 6 liters isn’t suitable for heavy users and areas with frequent power cuts. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

  • Excellent Material quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing look
  • Durable
  • Great Performance overall
  • Cost-effective
  • Average storage capacity

Overall, this is the best RO UV purifier on the market by Eureka. You will absolutely love the output, especially if you are a Eureka lover.

#2. Kent Grand

“Grand” the name is totally justified, this purifier is a beast. Its lavish design and premium look will suit your kitchen just fine!

Aesthetics apart, its purification rate will simply blow your mind.

With Grands 8 litre tank and 20 litre/hour rate, I am sure pure water won’t be an issue in those power cuts.

Also, with Kent Grand, you won’t have to care about maintenance much. Why? Because the indication mechanism takes care of it!

It can indicate different scenarios, such as:

  • When the UV fails
  • When it’s time to replace cartridges

Upon comparison, we noticed how really great products lack this feature, for example, Aquasure Smart+.

However, the price is higher than its competitor. Although it is justified since it delivers great performance and is premium quality-wise. But you know how cost efficacy is a deal with us!

  • Tremendous Performance
  • Premium quality
  • High tank capacity
  • Computer-controlled indication mechanism
  • Great customer service
  • Bit expensive

Overall, Grand is too “Grand” for an average person. But as for ones with a high budget, you can rely on it blindly. Even if any problem occurs, you will have Kent customer support by your side!


Here is our Leader in storage mechanics! The great Aqua fresh SWIFT has a tank capacity of 15 litres, Are you kidding me?

The quality Swift delivers is not just limited to the purification intensity. It covers the whole product.

Performance-wise, the rate is really competitive. If you have high usage but hate refilling the tank, this is your guy!

Moreover, it fights microbial threat like a boss. Your fears will be eliminated just like the bacteria. All thanks to the heavy-duty UV lamp installed.

However, the material quality is average. Although food graded, the durability of this plastic isn’t impressive. Multiple disjoints are seen over some time.

  • HUGE tank capacity
  • High purification rate
  • Intense UV Lamp
  • Attractive design
  • Average durability and material quality

#4. Livpure Glow

Livpure glow has boosted the RO UV market. You will love it for so many reasons. Read on to know the main ones!

First, take a look at its appearance. Ah, that white glow!

Let me clear, it isn’t just a premium looking product. Glow delivers durability that you will die for! Those sleek and elegant edges will live young for ages.

Moreover, the purification tech installed will change your life for good. Livpure glow uses a mineraliser. It prevents all the extra fuss about re-addition of microbes in traditional TDS controllers.

However, despite being high tech, it does not have any modern indication mechanisms. You will have to calculate your usage to estimate cartridge replacement time.

  • Premium material quality
  • Great durability
  • Mineraliser tech
  • Great customer support
  • No modern indication mechanisms

Though everyone will appreciate the presence of mineraliser, I recommend it for people who love elegance! However, the absence of any indication mechanism is a heavy downfall.


Despite being fairly famous in Purifier market, Ruby has proven its name by delivering quality products. I believe this one is no less!

But mostly, I was astonished by its purification tech. Every possible aspect has been covered by this product.

Be it the taste, odour, colour or any other impurity, it will wipe them off. Ruby RO+UV has a total of 12 stages of purification, this is insane!

Along with all those impurity removal cartridges, there is a secret mineral cartridge installed. It adds all the necessary minerals back in the water after purification!

Moreover, the tank can hold up to 12 litre of purified water. Also, you can re-fill it in a small amount of time, too good to be true, right?

But the dreams end with its inappreciable material quality. Durability will definitely be an issue here as leakages may often show up. Be cautious!

  • Absolutely stunning performance
  • High tank capacity
  • Mineraliser
  • 12 stage purification
  • Low material quality

If you love the performance, this one is for you! Though durability will be a straightforward issue and I do not recommend it for people who roughly use products.

#6. RK Aqua Fresh ZX

Stunning design and competitive performance, name one thing ZX doesn’t deliver.

Your big family will love its 12 litre capacity tank. Everyone will get a fair share! And may I remind you, not even Kent Grand has this capacity!

Secondly, the exterior is highly durable. ZX doesn’t show any leakages at all unlike its sister purifier, swift.

But there is a catch. Although the durability is great but you will notice a slightly slower speed of purification.

Otherwise, the purification intensity is extremely good. Once you taste the output water, you will fall in love with ZX. Trust me, I know it!

  • Great exterior quality
  • Highly durable
  • High tank capacity
  • Lavish look
  • Slightly slower purification rate

I recommend ZX for people who want durability and have average usage. This one is for you, good friend!

#7. HUL Pureit Advanced

“Sugar, spice and everything” advanced has everything a good purifier should have. Although I wouldn’t consider it cost effective, unless you buy it in a deal.

With Pureit Advanced, you will get these amazing things:

  1. Any bacteria or microbes will be eliminated
  2. Say no to dirty water
  3. You won’t have to worry about maintenance much.

I have to admit that the aesthetics are great! The RO UV purifier has that elegant look and easy to use feel.

However, upon observing its usage, I realized one thing. The material quality and performance are only average. Also, the tank capacity is just 5 litres.

  • Less maintenance required
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant look
  • Low tank capacity

I recommend it for light users, who are getting this product on deals. It has a really nice overall look so even elegance lovers will appreciate it. However, heavy users should stay away.


Fairly famous in the purifier market, P-Link has proven its steel. Cost-efficient product and a real-deal performance.

There are two editions of this product:

  1. Black Edition
  2. Blue Edition

Both have the same internal specification but their looks differ.

I love the fact that the material quality at this price point is cost-effective. You won’t be burning a hole in your pocket with this.

Although P-Link is fairly famous, this product competes with other products on our list quite well.

You will love its mineral cartridge. It makes the water tastier, healthier and is quite rare in such purifiers. Especially at this price tag!

Also, your big family won’t feel left out with its 12 litre tank! Even though it refills slowly but trust me 12 litres is enough for a day!

Moreover, the material used is food-grade plastic. Durability may be a problem but so far, no major issues have been seen.

However, P-Links customer support isn’t that great. Multiple issues have been raised by users from minor cities.

  • Great look

  • Cost-effective

  • Great purification intensity

  • Mineral cartridge

  • Poor Customer support

  • Average durability


I’ll put it down to simple words. Classic is for bachelors who roughly use stuff. That’s it!

This compact design and purification intensity are adorable. But its durability is the real deal!

Exterior material is high-grade plastic, totally steel. It can endure hard blows and due to the internal leak-free fitting, now you can chill about any water bombs.

Also, in my opinion, it is better to buy a durable product since it saves us from long term problems.

Moreover, no issues are seen as performance-wise. It delivers a decent intensity of purification. But do not expect anything more than that.

However, there are a few issues that need to be considered. These are its purification capability and capacity. 5 litres/hour rate and tank capacity seem exhausting even for an average user.

  • Great compact design

  • Extremely great exterior durability

  • Anti-Leak fitting

  • Decent Price

  • Low purification rate

  • Low tank capacity

I recommend it for average users who would love a compact design. People with low usage are suggested to check this product out.


“So impressed by its performance, really unexpected,” says a user.

People, apart from brands like Kent and Eureka, there are other brands delivering quality too. Trust me! Blue star is here to stay.

Not only does Aristo look nice, but it also delivers good output too. You will receive a decent user experience and love the easy to use panel.

Also, it has everything you can ask for, a 7 litre tank capacity, great customer support and even a cartridge solely dedicated to enhancing the taste.

So you know how much they cared about your hydration experience!

However, cartridge replacement indication is a no-no with Aristo. They gave it everything and forgot the most essential indicator.

Moreover, Due to its double purification, a booster pump is necessary for its efficient functionality. Even high water pressure isn’t enough.

  • Easy to use

  • Lavish look

  • Good quality

  • High tank capacity

  • Booster pump is necessary

  • No Cartridge replacement indicator

Overall, this is an excellent product for people who don’t care about specs much. It delivers decent performance for a decent price. Therefore, I think it is a fair deal!

Comparison of Top RO+UV Water Purifiers

RankProductMaterialDimensionMass/kgSuitable TDS Level/ppmTank CapacityWarrantyRating
1Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart+Hard Plastic/Food Grade31.8×20.5×468.66200-20006 litre1 year9.8
2Kent GrandHard Plastic/Food grade39×25.5×53.511.09200-20008 litre1 year + 3 year No service charge9.8
3RK Aqua Fresh SwiftAverage Plastic/Food Grade50x40x707.0200-180015 litre1 year9.2
4Livpure GlowHard Plastic/Food Grade32x28x52.57.0200-15007 litre1 year9.2
5Ruby ControllerLow Quality Plastic/Food Grade 57x45x279.0200-180012 litre1 year9.2
6RK Aqua Fresh ZXHard Plastic/Food Grade39.5×25.6×55.110.5200-150015 litre1 year9.1
7HUL Pureit AdvancedAverage  Plastic/Food Grade38 x 16.5 x 42.56.0200-15005 litre1 year9.0
8P-LINK BW PurifierAverage Plastic/Food Grade20 x 20 x 407.0200-150012 litre1 year8.5
9HUL Pureit ClassicHeavy Plastic/Food Grade16.56x38x42.307.87200-15005 litre1 year8.0
10Blue Star AristoHard Plastic/Food Grade34.2 x 20.5 x 458.0200-15007 litreNo Warranty8.0

RO+UV Water Purifier Buying Guide

Since you don’t know what to look for in RO UV purifiers before buying them. You are lost right now, and that is justified.

Don’t you worry! I’ll help you through this hectic process. Just read along and try to focus.

But first, let me clear one thing out. Every RO UV purifier is unique. This means it’s not about buying the best, it’s about buying what is suitable

In my opinion, 3 basic attributes decide such products suitability. These are:

    1. Performance
    2. Durability
    3. Brand


RO process takes its piece of time. Therefore, choosing the right purifier can be a game-changer.

Let me share my personal experience with you.

I live in an area with frequent power cut-offs. Therefore; I could never refill my tank within the power gaps.

If you too are a victim of such power cuts, you should go for a heavy-duty purifier.

Heavy-duty purifiers tend to have a larger tank and a higher purification rate. Which means the Tank gets refilled within the narrow time frame.

This way you can easily hydrate yourself in those dark nights!

Tip: Calculate your water usage. Do not buy a heavy-duty purifier if you have low usage. This can save you maintenance money.


You must’ve seen people buying products just for their appearance! Don’t get fooled by this trick. Check the material quality first.

In RO UV purifiers, I recommend going with thick plastic exterior. It makes the purifier light and durable.

However, the interior/tank should be food-grade plastic only. Poor interior leaves carcinogenic plastic residues in the water over time. Whoa!

Moreover, high-quality purifiers tend to withstand time. In fact, you will receive the same intensity of purification throughout their usage.

I recommend that you don’t compromise for anything less. Although it will cost you more, cheap materials might hurt your pocket later in other ways!


Ah, buying a product is like getting into a relationship with the manufacturer. I really mean it!

You will be calling customer support a lot. Whether its installation, regular maintenance, claiming warranty or any other issue.

Trust me, I’ve been through it.

Reputed brands like Kent, Eureka etcetera care about their customers. Especially Kent, it has got the best customer reviews overall.

So before you jump on to the relationship train, make sure you are in the right compartment! It may change your game.

I personally recommend that you go for reputed brands only. Here are the reasons:

  • You will get the best customer services.
  • Manufacture durable products.
  • Install better purification technology in their products.

Let me give you another tip.

First, find what brands have the most active customer support in your area. Only then start considering their products.

This way, you won’t risk going into a toxic relationship. Save yourself from the rush, get a trustworthy product.


How does RO UV Water Purifier work?

RO UV Water purifiers have four different stages of purification.

At first, the sediment and pre-activated carbon cartridges work, which removes organic compounds and large insolubilities.

Then the water passes the RO purification. It works in the following manner:

  • The pressure is used to move water through a semi-permeable membrane.
  • Impurities are left on one side and dirty water is rejected out of the purifier.
  • Clean water is accepted and sucked into the next cartridge.

In the 3rd step, water goes through an Ultraviolet lamp. Here all the microbes and disease-causing bacteria are eliminated and deactivated by intense UV rays.

Normally after this, there is a post-carbon cartridge installed. A re-evaluation and minor purification of water are done there. Also, the dead bacteria are filtered out.

What is the ideal TDS level for using RO+UV water purifiers?

You can use these water purifiers at a higher TDS level. We recommend using them for TDS more than 300 PPM.

Are RO UV Purifiers safe?

Of course, they are one of the safest water purifiers you can buy without any doubts.

Got the Safest RO UV Water Purifier?

Our bore water, municipal supply, and other water sources are not safe anymore. Industrial wastes have made it toxic for consumption.

Therefore, RO UV purifiers have become the need of our society.

To conclude, I have put together the best RO UV purifiers in India here. They are the best at what they do.

Be it the purification, performance or overall experience, every product listed is great. It’s just a matter of what suits you.

Reread it if you must! But I’m sure it would’ve made everything clear till now. So go on, consider the pros and cons of your champions!

May you have a great buying experience!

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