Best UV Water Purifiers in India for Bacteria & Virus-free Drinking Water

Who would have thought finding healthy water to thrive can be a hard task? Not many! But we are in a stage where our drinking water supplies are contaminated with microbes and other wastes.

Yes, there is nothing worse than having a glass of microbial infected water. If the report from is true, our water bodies(rivers, ponds, lakes, and groundwater) has started to harbour antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses.

So, how do we get away from this serious issue?

The answer is very simple and straightforward; use the best UV water purifier systems!

Here is how a UV purifier helps in giving you safe drinking water: 

    • These purifiers help to remove microbes, disinfect what you drink while preserving the essential minerals.
    • It does the job without influencing the taste or odor of the water.
    • And, the best part is that the method is safe, environmental-friendly, and cost-effective.

Before we head into our in-depth reviews, here is a quick overview of our top picks:

Top Ultraviolet(UV) Water Purifiers

Product Features
Eureka Forbes AquaSure – Best UV Purifier
  • Wall Mount and Tabletop Installation
  • Error Indication in case of Failure
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Hi Flo Rate: 2 Liters/Minute
Kent Ultra – Easiest to Install UV Purifier
  • 3-Stage Advanced Purification
  • Filters Dead Bacteria and Viruses
  • UV Fail alert
  • Wall-Mountable
Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Crystal – Stylish UV Filter
  • Mineral Guard to preserve Calcium and Magnesium
  • Purity Sensor System
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Back-flush to keep the filters clean
Blue Star Aristo- Most Durable and Reliable


  • Auto Alerts
  • 6-Stage Purification
  • Storage Capacity of 7 Liters
  • Modern Appearance
AquaSure Smart – UV Water Purifier with Classic Look
  • Error Indication Alert
  • 3-Stage Purification
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Hi Flo Rate: 2 Liters/Minut
Hindustan Unilever PureIt Marvella- Most Popular UV Water Purifier
  • 15 Days Advance Alerts
  • Fully automatic
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Modern and Sleek Appearance
A.O. Smith- The Luxurious One
  • UV Life Alert
  • Instant Hot Water with 2 Different Temperatures
  • Night Assist Glow
  • Digital Display with Alerts along with Child-Lock Button
Panasonic TK-CS50-DA; Hot Selling UV Purifier
  • 4-Stage Purification System
  • Auto Power-off
  • UV Indicators
  • Digitally Controlled Sprout
AquaSure Designa : Top rated UV Water Purifier
  • Special Dual Filter Cartridge
  • Flow Rate: 2 Liters/minute
  • Wall Mount Installation
  • 3-Stage Purification System
Hindustan Unilever PureIt Classic: Premium UV Water Filter
  • 15-Days Advance Alert System
  • Water-Saving Mode
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Compact and Sleek Design

Who should get a UV Purifier?

The easiest way for bacteria and toxins to make way into your body is through the water. Tap water may seem clean and safe to use, but the reality is far from that. Tap water is a breeding ground for bacteria and virus. Consuming it can lead to several diseases.

As per the study conducted by, these are the problems we face in our supplied water:

  • It contains harmful viruses and bacteria that pave the way for many water-borne diseases.
  • Pesticides, Lead and other chemicals can easily make their way into tap water

The Indian population is profoundly affected when it comes to diarrhea. There are an estimated 98,000 deaths each year due to diarrhea, mainly resulting from the consumption of contaminated water.

You might think boiling water for 20 minutes is enough to get away from this. However, even then, not all microorganisms get killed. And, cooling it down increases the chances of the water getting infected again.

You can prevent this by investing in a durable and efficient water filter. Your best choice for the business is a UV Water Treatment.

Ultraviolet purification works best in the following scenario:

  • Drinking water infected with biological impurities
  • Water with low TDS of less than 300 ppm

UV water filters have incorporated the latest technological advancements and helps in removing microbes efficiently in the following manner:

    1. Ultraviolet rays kill up to 99.9% germs and other inactive viruses. Their germicidal abilities are unbeatable! It is one of the best water purification treatments in the market.
    2. Use multistage filtering for better Purification:  you can find these purifiers in three, four, and five-stage filtering methods. However, unlike an RO Filter, a UV purifier cannot remove dissolved salts from water.
    3. Using chlorine and other chemical disinfectants can be more harmful due to the fact that these, in turn, create toxic byproducts. UV purifiers, on the other hand, have no harmful residue or side effects.

Best UV Water Purifier Reviews

There is a range of choices when it comes to UV filtering systems in the market. With improving technology and growing choices, decision-making becomes a little challenging. Here’s a look at our top favorite brands and water purifying systems.

1. Eureka Forbes AquaSure – Top UV Water Purifier

We didn’t have to think twice to place Aquasure as our top UV purifier. The brand name is more than enough to justify the product’s quality.

With beneficial customer service, there is no way you’re having any problem with the Euroka Forbes. It is one of the well-known brands in the market of water purifiers. Their diverse product range and up-to-mark features make it a customer favorite.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure comes with smart indicators that help you schedule service calls accordingly. It monitors machine diagnosis, UV Bulb life, and the cartridge life.  This intelligent, electronic filtering option can easily be set up on a tabletop or mounted on the wall.

    • The 18-Watt purifier comes in a 3-stage filtering option with no storage capacity.
    • With 12-Months of warranty, you can feel at ease in case something goes wrong.
    • There is little concern for storage when the product comes with a Hi-Flow rate of 2 Liters/minute.
    • Not only that, but Eureka Forbes also has a voltage stabilizer to ensure effective functioning throughout.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure comes in handy for removing tiny particles and chemical compounds. Its smart and minimalistic look adds a sleek appearance to the kitchen or any room that you place it in. It is the ultimate water treatment you need to purify municipal supply water for the house.

Pros Cons
  • High flow rate
  • Superior UV Purification technology
  • Easy to Use
  • Intelligent Device
  • Easy installation
  • If not installed correctly, it may cause leakage.

2. Kent Ultra – Easy to Install UV Purifier

Finding dirt and sand particles in water can be the first sign of polluted water. In such a case, it becomes necessary to invest in a sturdy water disinfection system. Kent is the brand that comes to mind!

For this reason, Kent Ultra is also one of the highly sold filter systems in India and worldwide.

Kent is a trustworthy brand when it comes to water disinfection. You can set up the wall-mountable system and use the filtered water for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. However, the slow flow rate can be a bit problematic.

Work the issue by installing an external pipe to improve output flow.

The UV + UF technology removes all cysts, fibers, and viruses entirely. With external certifications like that of CE and ISI, we find the brand to be extremely trustworthy and reliable. 

Apart from these, we loved the following aspects about Kent Ultra:

    • Kent Ultra’s system comes complete with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Water flow goes through double purification.
    • Operates without manual intervention.
Pros Cons
  • Free Installation
  • Eligible for full refund
  • CE and ISI Certified
  • Fully automatic option
  • Slow flow of water
  • Low output pressure

3. Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Crystal – Sleek-Looking Filter

Here’s a warning. Once bought, you may turn into a loyal Eureka Forbes customer! The excellent product quality, moderate price range, and durability are like answers to our prayers. The customer service may be problematic; however, rest assured, the AquaGuard Crystal is an excellent water purifier.

Homeowners looking for an effective solution to polluted drinking water can turn to Eureka Forbes Crystal purifier. The attractive European outlook can give your Kitchen a classic and modern feel. Its unique technology eliminates bacteria and virus while retaining the essential minerals.

AquaGuard Crystal is best for low TDS and works to offer water that is not salty.

The advanced technology also makes sure to filter out lead, pesticides, and other new age contaminants. Not only that, the Advance Monitoring System continuously scans the machine and shuts it off in case of an error.

Here are some other advanced features wroth mentioning about Aquaguard Crystal:

    • Auto Shut off
    • Removes Stagnated Water and keeps filters clean.
    • Saves Electricity
Pros Cons
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • May require additional charges for extensions and parts.

4. Blue Star Aristo – Durable and Reliable

Blue Star Aristo’s powerful system can tackle even the smallest microorganisms found in private water supply systems.

The elegant look and unique 6-stage purification system are unmatchable! It comes with these amazing features:

    • Child Lock
    • Aqua Taste Booster
    • Double Layered RO + UV Protection
    • Low-Pressure Alert

What more do you want?

If used smartly, Blue Star Aristo could resolve all your water problems! Moreover, it has a large storage capacity, which means you don’t have to run the water supply continually. Oh, and it helps you save the cost of electricity too!

But really, the trendy design is enough for you to consider this elegant and smart product!

Pros Cons
  • Avoids overflow and wastage
  • Enhanced Storage of 7 liters
  • Tough body for durability
  • Expensive
  • May require power booster


5. AquaSure Smart – Classic Look

Here’s the perfect model to consider for individuals concerned about the high UV water purifier price. It’s pretty well known how expensive these products can be, considering the modern technological features they sport.

However, to make it affordable for most average people, AquaSure brings you a cost-effective solution.

AquaSure smart works a 2 liter/minute flow rate which is ideal for daily usage. The Superior UV purification technology clears out any impurity polluting your water.

The voltage stabilizing feature is much-needed, considering the everyday fluctuations and power losses. Not just that, AquaSure’s smart alert system lets you know when the system fails to function effectively.

All in all, AquaSure Smart is a convenient filter for your everyday use. It provides purified water for the entire household with easy installation.

Pros Cons
  • Saves Electricity
  • High-grade quartz glass tube
  • Activated Carbon filter
  • Glass holding tray
  • Additional charges for added filters and parts
  • Needs better circuitry

6. Hindustan Unilever PureIt Marvella – Popular Choice

We’ve chosen the HUL PureIt Marvella based on its immense popularity. The 4-stage purifier comes with a storage capacity of 4 liters, which is pretty convenient! You can use it for TDS up to 2000 ppm.

Marvella is a sleek and smart option for a modern kitchen with its classic black and white appearance. These outstanding features make it one of the popular UV water purifiers in the market:

    • 12 Day Advance Alert system
    • Environmental Protection Agency approved
    • Fully Automatic
    • 1-Year warranty

The product promises to eliminate one crore viruses and ten crore bacterias in every liter of water. The HUL Marvella is a top pick for its sturdy build and smart indicator system. It senses whether the tank is full or not and stores water automatically.

HUL is the ultimate water disinfectant to opt for, owing to its supreme performance! It works as well as any other high-priced purifier. However, the brand needs to improve its quality of service to make it one of the best in the market.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick flow
  • Manual intervention
  • Requires regular maintenance

7. A.O. Smith – Luxurious Experience

When it comes to Top-tier design, modern features, and aesthetics, A.O. Smith beats all competitors. In contrast to other products, it is also one of the highly-priced brands on the block.

But, let’s show you how it’s still worth it.

    • Temperature Choices – Hot Water at the Press of a Button
    • Night Assist Glow Light
    • 4 and 5-stage purification
    • Free Installation
    • Auto Flush
    • Smart Indicators

And the specs could go on and on!

The A.O. Smith product is far more attractive than that of HUL, Panasonic, and AquaGuard. It is also considered as the most high-efficiency product with an appropriate flow rate and high-class specifications.

But wait! There’s more. You get all this along with a 1-year warranty on all-electric and functional parts except for U.V. lamp and filter!

If you’re looking for top-notch quality and design in Ultraviolet purifier, A.O. Smith is what you need. If budget is not a concern, we highly recommend the product!

Pros Cons
  • Modern Look
  • Multiple automated features
  • 10 Liter Storage Capacity
  • Expensive
  • High after-sales costs for replacements and maintenance.

8. Panasonic TK-CS50-DA – Hot-Seller

Panasonic is an established brand, known for its top-class electronic products. There aren’t many brands that can match Panasonic’s durability, excellent service, and efficiency. For this reason, the TK-CS50 is another top-pick by customers when it comes to water purifiers.

The compact design and sleek model is a great addition to your kitchen. It comes with a high capacity UV which keeps bacteria and virus at bay! The modern, touch-tap function sure makes it sound like a desirable purchase.

The UV purifier is one of the well made purifiers out there in the market. These specs will blow your mind:

    • 1 year warranty
    • Lab-tested
    • 4-Stage Purification
    • Digital Sprout

Due to the lack of storage capacity, you may have difficulty getting purified water in case of no electricity. Another shortfall of Panasonic TK-CS50-DA is the lack of a voltage stabilizer. The product may not sustain fluctuations.

Considered a premium brand in the market, we’re quite impressed by the quality and features. However, the slow flow rate means waiting for more extended hours trying to fill up large quantities. It’s ideal for a small household with low TDS.

Pros Cons
  • No manual intervention
  • Moderately-priced
  • Error Alerts
  • Slow flow rate

9. AquaSure Designa – Best Choice by Customer

What’s there to not love about a filter that does the job super smoothly? AquaSure Designa is a 3-stage system made to suspend odors, impurities, and microorganisms. It is ideal for Municipal water with low TDS.

The best part about the AquaSure Designa is that it is hassle-free and pretty easy-to-install. You can install it in almost any corner with absolute ease. Oh, and it has a pretty fast outflow! In case of a low-pressure system, add in a power-compressor, and you’re good to go.

The classy model has a flow rate of 2 Liters/minute, which means you don’t have to wait for too much to accumulate the desired quantity!

The aesthetic look and the following features make it the popular choice of customers:

    • Color: White
    • Wall-Mount
    • Smart Indicators
    • Free installation

Eureka Forbes is a household name for water treating systems. Many homeowners find it reliable for its efficiency and affordability, making it a complete package.

Pros Cons
  • Moderately-priced
  • Dual-cartridge life
  • Prompt delivery
  • Less power consumption
  • May need additional power compressor
  • Difficult to find spare parts

10. Hindustan Unilever PureIt Classic – Premium Product

Got a pretty decent-looking kitchen with no intentions of ruining the look? Don’t worry. Hindustan Unilever’s got you! The PureIt Classic is precisely how the name suggests – Supremely Classy!

The compact size and sleek appearance are just what you need for your modern kitchen. Moreover, the white and blue combination is a perfect one itself.

It’s not the exterior that is admirable. Here are some vital features of the HUL PureIt Classic:

    • An Advance Alert System to warn you 12 days in advance of a purifier failure.
    • 1 Year warranty on the product.
    • Free Product Installation.

While the HUL is a perfect solution to polluted Municipal water, it may not be a smooth purchase. While the product is compact, easily operated, and moderately priced, the servicing cost can sure be a pain.

Moreover, customer service is not the best, which may leave you in doubt about the purchase. So, we recommend it for cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata where their support is strong.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • No Storage

Comparison of Top UV Purifiers

Products Color Capacity Warranty
Eureka Forbes AquaSure White No Storage 12 Months
Kent Ultra White No Storage 1 Year + 3 Year No Service Charges
Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Crystal White No Storage 1 Year
Blue Star Aristo Black 7 Liters 1 Year
AquaSure Smart White No Storage 12 Months
Hindustan Unilever PureIt Marvella White 4 Liters 1 Year
A.O. Smith Black 10 Liters 1 Year
Panasonic TK-CS50-DA Blue No Storage 1 Year
AquaSure Designa White No Storage
Hindustan Unilever PureIt Classic White 2 Liters

Price Analysis of UV Purifiers

Although UV purifiers are cheaper than RO purifiers, you might find some stark difference in the price tags. The main reason for this difference in prices are the following factors:

  1. Multistage technologies
  2. Brand
  3. Material quality
  4. Incorporation of other technologies like RO/UF

If you have checked the prices of the purifiers mentioned in the reviews, you might have found that AO Smith is the most expensive one when compared with other cost-effective products available in the markets.

What makes the brand and product worth it is the array of features it carries. No other competitor comes close to the quality and specifications of A.O Smith. Not even AquaSure with its variety of filters!

A.O. Smith is a one-of-a-kind filter with a 5-Stage purification system. Not only that, but it also offers a hot-water option which can be used to brew up a hot cuppa. The temperature choices of 45 and 80 degrees make you reconsider the need for a water dispenser! It also comes with an impressive one-year warranty.

A.O Smith and Blue Star, considering their amazing features, are priced between INR 10,000 and 20,000. We understand that they may not be as cost-effective as the other brands. However, they sure are worth every penny spent!

What’s important to note is that fellow competitor Hindustan Unilever is not far behind. HUL Marvella uses 11 Watt UV Lamp for enhanced safety. It also meets the stringent criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA. The fully automatic filter does not need reminders to fill up the tank. It does the job on its own!

HUL, along with AquaGuard filters, are cheaper options available in the market for under INR 10,000. While the features may not be the same, they are some of the high-efficiency products on the block.

But the question is; do you really need all these features?

Our buying guide will help you to answer this question.

Things to Look for While Buying UV Water Purifiers

Here’s the ultimate guide to help you make the perfect decision.


UV Filters are an everyday household staple now considering the need for pure and safe drinking water. However, capacity can be a massive problem with these filters as most come without any storage tank.

  1. If you are one to use a large volume of water, especially for cooking, you can consider the A.O Smith filter which holds a capacity of 10 liters. Yes, you read that, right!
  2. Next on the list is the durable filter by Blue Star which has a capacity of 7 Liters. With a purifier like that, you’re pretty much sorted!
  3. You can also consider the Hindustan Unilever Marvella, which is a fully automated filter. It senses when the filter is not full and automatically cleans and stores up to 4 Liters of water!

However, if you are looking for a smart option that is minimalistic and does not take up much space, a small-size filter is the way to go. These come without any storage tank and have an average flow rate of about 2 liters/minute. Waiting a couple of minutes to fill up a pot shouldn’t be a problem, however.

Rate of Flow

You will find many UV Filters in the market that come without a tank and filter out the water when required. In this case, it is essential to pay attention to the time it takes to get a liter or two. However, the best part is, most filters come with an average rate of 2 Liters/Minute.

It means you can quickly fill up bottles and pots, one after the other, all in a matter of a few minutes.

The AquaSure Eureka Forbes and Crystal Purifier are just a few examples of filters with this Hi-Flow Rate.UV water purifiers in India


Inadequate power supply and voltage fluctuation are few issues we face daily. In such a case, most electrical appliances fail to work appropriately. In the case of water purifiers, we really cannot compromise on quality, can we?

For this reason, AquaSure brings you their Crystal Purifier with an in-built voltage stabilizer quality. It allows the filter to work even during fluctuations and low voltage. Who could have thought that?


While filters are an essential commodity, it is also understandable how expensive they can be. All UV Filters require some level of ongoing support or repairing is needed to ensure effective functioning.

But, paying so much and then having to pay regular maintenance charges can be a bit too much. To prevent additional costs, you can invest in a low-maintenance filter. The Hindustan Unilever Marvella is one example of a filter with low costs of maintenance.

Types of Water Filters

A purifier alone cannot do the job of eliminating pollutants. The UV lamp does a great job of killing viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. However, it cannot remove metals and other chemicals inhabiting the water. You might need other technologies like RO/UF to get the best results.

For this reason, most models include several other filters to provide you 100% safe and clean water to drink. The A.O Smith purifier, for example, has a pre-filter, sediment filter, silver activated post-carbon and UV Lamp.


Common questions about Ultraviolet water purifiers

Let’s look at a few frequently asked questions regarding UV water purification method.

What is UV in Water Purifier?

UV in a Water purifier is Ultraviolet.

UV is Ultraviolet light which is emitted by different light sources like the sun. The invisible light carries radiation that can kill bacteria and other organic microorganisms. The UV Light in a Water purifier is of a higher intensity than that of the sun.

The high intensity is used to sterile the water that flows through the water chamber. In doing so, what you get is water free of flu, hepatitis, Typhoid, and Cholera.

What does UV Water Purifier mean?

It means water purification using UV technology

When should I use UV Water Filters?

You can use UV purifiers when:

  • Your water supply is infected with only microbial organisms
  • Your water has low TDS of less than 300 PPM

Is UV Filter Safe?

You can split ultraviolet light into three types: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The UV-A rays are found near the X-ray range. The UV-B rays cause sunburn, while the latter, UV-C type, has germicidal abilities. These UV-C rays are entirely safe, mainly because they do not need chlorine or other chemical toxins.

Is UV Filter Necessary?

When using water supplied by the local municipal or a private well, using a water purifying treatment becomes crucial. Experts tested these water bodies, and the results prove the presence of organisms like E. coli, giardia, bacteria.

In that case, using a UV Filter in combination with other types of filtration can come in handy. Activated charcoal and cloth filters can help remove rust and sand grains along with Fulvic Acid and Geosmin.

Are UV Water Purifiers Safe?

Along with that, these rays only work on the genetic core of harmful microorganisms. It does the job without altering the water’s organic properties.

If you’re worried about the water becoming radioactive, then well, there is no chance!

UV Water treatments don’t make the water smell or taste bad. It is not harmful to us. UV Lamps are incredibly useful in breaking the molecular bond in the DNA of these germs, making them incapable of reproducing.

What size UV water filter do I need?

Drawing water from a private water supply means you likely need a water treatment system for the entire house. You can also assess the size based on the peak demand flow rate of your home (GPM). It measures the amount of water that can flow through the main water line when all water outlets are opened at once.

Do the math and pick a size according to the flow rate.

Do UV Water Purifiers kill Viruses?

Viruses, and much more!

What is the difference between UV and UF filtration?

UV filtration is used for disinfecting microorganisms, whereas UF filters are for muddy waters.

Concluding Remarks

With illnesses like typhoid and diarrhea, it becomes crucial to protect your family against the risk. The three and four-stage purification systems using activated carbon provides you with safe and healthy drinking water.

Looking at the range of options available in the market, we bet you must be confused about which option to select. Narrow down your choices by looking at essential features like storage capacity, radiation dosage, and material.

Our detailed review gives a perfect guide of what all to consider before making the big purchase. We hope that you have found the best Ultraviolet water purifier among the for your home among ten products.

If you need further assistance, drop us an email or comment below.

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