7 Best Water Purifier in India for Borewell Hard Water

You need the best water purifier for borewell water to get away from the various dangers it possesses. The hard water we use from borewell has the following drawbacks:

  • The calcium and other solids in the water leave behind stains and irritate the skin.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, growth retardation, and even reproductive failure, if you regularly use hard water

In addition to the above facts, you should also know that 60% of the rural households and 20% of the urban households in India depend on borewells for drinking water.

With such significant health hazards, it becomes necessary to find alternates. While you cannot restrict borewell water consumption, you can invest in a quality water purifier that filters out the hard water. The right product can also work on foul odour, taste, and aesthetics.

Borewell Water Purifiers-Our Top Choices

We have provided detailed reviews of these purifiers later in this article. But if you are in a hurry, this comparison table will help you find the right one for you:

Borewell Water PurifierHighlights
Kent Grand Plus
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon
8-Liters Tank
RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer
Flow Rate: 20 Liters/Hour
No Service Charge for 3 Years
Eureka Forbes AquaSure Smart Plus
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon
7-Liters Tank
Advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification
Smart Energy Saving Mode
Led Indicators
KENT Supreme Extra
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon
 RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV
8 Liter storage
20 Liter/Hour Purification
Zero wastewater
LivPure Glitz
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon

RO+UV+ Mineralizer
7-Liters Storage Capacity
6-Stage Filtration
Particulate Arrestor
Aqua Libra
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon
Active copper filter
Automated Operation
Multi-Stage Purification
RO+UV+Uf+Tds Control New Technology
R. K. Aqua Fresh
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon
Leak-Proof Performance
Filter-Change and UV-Fail alarms
15-Liters Tank
RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjustor
Addyz Alkaline Black Water Purifier
>>Check Latest Price on Amazon
RO + UF + UV + TDS Purifier
Affordable Choice
Alkaline water purifier with Copper effect
ABS Food Grade Cabinet

Why Should You Use Water Purifier for Borewell

With a lack of appropriate water supply systems in India, most individuals rely on Ground Water. The borewell water supply, in this case, is a quite common source. However, repeatedly, there has been researched evidence highlighting multiple drawbacks of it.

  1. Researchers found that well-water contains a higher TDS, indicating the hardness of the water.
  2. Moreover, the water supply is contaminated with germs like virus and bacteria, causing illnesses.
  3. Due to prolonged monsoon weather and acid rain, rocks and soil absorb toxic chemicals. These chemicals then dissolve into the water and get consumed without appropriate testing or treatment.

Chemical and metal pollution is ordinary when it comes to borewell systems. Industries are continually dumping their polluted water and draining it into the ground systems. These include Arsenic, Fluoride, and even lead. You can either purify the borewell water or you can buy a water purifier.

Setting up a water purifier is the easiest solution. Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) Lights, and Ultra Filtration methods can filter out metals, odour, and much more. The purifying systems work to provide your household with clean and hygienic drinking water. It does the job without altering the natural compounds and mineral contents.

Best Water Purifier for Borewell Water: Reviews

Borewell water being muddy and with an awful smell, you can’t simply pick any purifier. Water Digest has tested 40+ water purifiers in the market to bring out the best ones for borewell water.

Here are the detailed reviews of our top choices

#1. Kent Grand Plus – Best for Indian Homes

Kent Grand Plus tops our list of water purifiers for borwell water. When it comes to reputable water purifier brands, Kent is always there in the list. With an outflow of 20 Liters per hour, we must say that it is one of the most useful filters in the market.

Contains Auto-Flush Feature
Double Purification system of RO + UV/UF
Sufficient Storage Capacity
1 + 3 years warranty with free services
Purifier wastes a lot of Water

Kent Grand Plus also comes with a Filter change and UV Fail system which ensures safety at all times. With a 1+3 year warranty system, it is an excellent pick for your home. It is just as grand as the name suggests! With a storage tank of 8-Liters, it is the ideal choice for larger families. The purifier uses a combination of filtration methods.

To prevent water wastage, you can install a reject tank. You can use the rejected water for dishwashing and other chores. Other exciting features include:

  • Kent’s computer-controlled options.
  • It’s patented RO TM technology that retains minerals while ensuring pure drinking water.
  • Trained technicians are available at 1500+ centres for prompt servicing.
  • The spin welded RO membrane, which is damage-proof.

#2. Eureka Forbes AquaSure Smart Plus – Most Voted

Thanks to AquaSure’s smart LED indicators, you will not have to delay maintenance. It is the ultimate durable product to go for, which offers value for money.

Sleek and Modern Appearance
1 Year Warranty + Free Installation
Smart Energy Saving Mode
Led Indicators
May need a booster pump costing Rs. 2200

As the most talked-about brand, Eureka Forbes sure is a wonder for every home. With a 6-stage purification system, you will have zero concerns about contamination in the borewell water! AquaSure Smart Plus comes with a sturdy body and elegant design. However, what makes it stand out the most is its Energy saving feature. The option allows the purifier to shut down automatically once the tank is full.

Here are some more astounding features to look at:

  • With an in-built voltage stabilizer, the appliance is protected against fluctuations of 150v to 270v.
  • It comes with a 6000-litre cartridge life which gives you a year-long, hassle-free performance.
  • Its superior design is perfect for Borewell, Tap, and well sources.
  • The Chemi Block filtration treats foul odour, colour, and dissolved organic impurities.
  • It is ideal for TDS 200-2000.

If your daily water usage is minimal, the 6-litre water tank seems pretty sufficient.

3. KENT Supreme Extra

The third one in this list of high-quality borewell water purifiers is Kent Supreme Extra. Compared to Kent Grand, Kent Supreme has the additional Alkaline Control feature. The feature helps in maintaining PH level at 8.5-9.5 and hence gives you healthy drinking water. So, if you are looking for alkaline control in your water purifier, this is what you should get.

Extreme purification
Alkaline control
Multiple purifications
Fully automatic operation
Additional installation charges

The most striking feature of Kent Supreme is its top-of-the-line purification. The product offers multiple steps of purification through RO+UV+UF+Alkaline control. This helps in removing even the dissolved impurities like arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides. This is a 8 liter purifier which is enough for a family.

The only downside of the product is the installation charges the Kent team takes from you. If they have avoided this, the product will be getting only positive reviews. Although the Zero waste water works fine, it is not at its best.

There are different variants of the Kent Supreme available in the market. If you want to have Copper water, you can try Supreme Copper. Other variants like Supreme Alkaline and Supreme Plus are also hot sellers in the Indian market.

#4. LivPure Glitz – Affordable Choice

LivPure is a popular name when compared to its counter brands. The excellent design is sure to add a sleek appearance to your kitchen. For its advanced tech and high efficiency, LivPure Glitz is indeed an excellent pick.

Regulates Hard Water TDS
Beautiful Look
Improves taste and odour
Dispenses 10-Liter in 20-30 minutes
Slow Customer Care response

As a new entrant in the market of water purifiers, LivPure is a fantastic choice for Indian conditions. With a storage capacity of 7-litres, it is a better choice than Eureka Forbes AquaSure Smart Plus. Additionally, the storage helps resolve the issue of power shortage in India. In the case of no electricity, you will still have 7-litres purified in store.

The advanced filtration systems filter out contaminants through their six purification stages. These include:

  1. Sediment filter
  2. Activated carbon
  3. RO membrane
  4. UV
  5. Post-carbon filter
  6. Mineralizer

Customers who have bought the product have the following things to say:

  • The product has a long-life and is durable.
  • It takes 30-40 minutes to fill up the tank.
  • An additional water-reject tank can be used to minimize water wastage.
  • In case of leakage or problem, it can be repaired under warranty.

#5. Aqua Libra – Smart Filter With A Sleek Look

The elegant appearance of Aqua Libra makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. A bonus is the large storage capacity that makes it a top-rated borewell water purifier in India for large families.

Regulates Hard Water TDS
Beautiful Look
Improves taste and odor
Dispenses 10-Liter in 20-30 minutes
Slow Customer Care response

With an automated operation, modern appearance, and multi-stage purification, Aqua Libra is a personal favourite. It is one of the two brands offering a large storage capacity of 15-liters. Along with that, the appliance works efficiently at reducing the hard water TDS, giving you purified water.

Some additional mind-blowing features include:

  1. Energy-saving mode
  2. Low water production cost
  3. Easy to clean system
  4. Improves taste and odour

#6. R.K. Aqua Fresh – Budget Friendly

Aqua Fresh RO water purifier prioritizes your health, making sure to live up to its brand name. Bacteria and Viruses free, the system offers you purity and safety from borewell hardwater.

Double Purification
Water Level Indicator
Transparent cover
Parts may leak
Slow Customer Care response<s

RK Aquafresh water purifier comes with a unique RO + UV + UF + Mineral Cartridge + Iron Remover + TDS Adjuster technology. The features work together to filter out pollutants, and microbes present completely.

  • The device also comes with an auto-controlled operation with a filter change alarm.
  • It contains an elegant design with a transparent cover.
  • K. Aqua Fresh is value for money, given its affordable price.
  • It takes little time to fill up the tank.

During the initial installation, make sure to check the fitting to prevent any leakage. Also, bear in mind, customer service may be slow in some region

#7. Addyz Alkaline Black Water Purifier – Affordable Purifying System

With RO Filters priced so high, the Addyz Alkaline black water purifier is a new change. The affordable system comes with a six-stage purification system that works well enough for purifying borewell water.

Enhanced Purification through a multi-stage filtration
12-Liter Storage Capacity
Works best up to 2000 PPM TDS
Solenoid issue for some products

Addyz Alkaline Black Water Purifier offers Multistage Purification with RO + UF + UV + TDS Control. You will love drinking the water coming out of this purifier. Thanks to the Solenoid filter that gives tasty drinking water. The copper effect ensures that the purifier outputs healthy drinking water.

The purifier gives huge storage capacity of 15 litres. This is ample quantity and would be enough for one day for a whole family. Addyz’s customer care provides one of the best services in the market. Although the brand is not that popular, they provide great services in installation and maintenance. Unlike other brands, their service is very affordable too.

One major drawback, as pointed out by a few customers, is the solenoid that may go non-functional. It is the solenoid that defines the taste of water coming out of the water purifier. You need to cross-check this once you get the product delivered at your home. You can opt for a replacement if you find the water has bad taste.

Borewell Water Purifier Buying Guide

In India, everything from food to water has been subjected to pollution in one form or another. This continuous challenge becomes life-threatening, especially in the face of contaminants like germs and metals.

Here are some of the things you should consider while buying a water purifier for borewell.

A. Maintenance; Look for a Brandable Product

Due to excessive usage and level of contamination in the borewell water supply, most filters require some level of servicing regularly. It involves the replacement of lamps, cartridges, and other parts. Needless to say that regular maintenance can be costly. Moreover, with very little support from the brand, you may feel lost or confused.

  1. It is important to find a brand that takes its customers seriously and offers appropriate after-sales-service.
  2. Most brands like Aqua Sure, Aqua Libra, and LivPure offer free services for up to 12-months. Their prompt help and regular maintenance checks make the entire process feel like a breeze!

B. Warranty

As mentioned above, replacements are necessary with water purifiers, more in the case of muddy water like that comes from the borewell. In the case of borewell water, anything can happen. It can be muddy one day and the other day it can be very clean. This means the purifier has to work the best way throughout the operational period.

The UV Lamps and cartridges are often short-lived and may need replacement. It becomes costly and difficult to find the parts. In such a case, the brand warranty can come in pretty handy.

You can also look up on certifications to learn about the authenticity and quality of the brand. It is an important feature to look at while comparing different brands.

C. Storage Capacity

Another critical factor to consider is the purifier’s storage capacity. In the case of large quantities of water, you cannot be expected to operate the filter manually. Having a large-tank to meet your daily needs and an automated system is always a good idea.

Aqua Libra and R.K. Aqua Fresh offer a storage tank of 15-Liters which is pretty good. The amount will be sufficient for use in the kitchen and for drinking purposes. The Ruby and Kent Gold Optima filters are not too far behind. The tanks include a capacity of 12 and 10-Liters respectively.

D. Type of Contamination

Apart from the ordinary contamination of germs and metals, chemical pollution has also come to notice. All these contaminations make Borewell Water dangerous for consumption. Each type of contamination requires a specific kind of treatment.

 Every purifier contains a different filtering method.

  • In case of sour taste, you will require an activated carbon filter or advanced technology system that works on the problem.
  • Similarly, Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters are efficient at filtering the hardness of water and mud.

E. The Type of Purifier for Borewell water

There is not a concrete answer to this question. The water purifier type for borewell varies from place to place. It depends on the contaminants found in the borewell water.

I would always bet my money on a RO+UV Water purifier for borewell.

Here is how you should select the type of water purifier for borewell water.

  1. Check the TDS of the borewell water
  2. For TDS>500 PPM (i.e hard water), it’s best to use RO purifier
  3. If the TDS is less than 500, use a UV water purifier
  4. If you have enough budget, it is always recommended to go for RO+UV water purifiers


What is Borewell Water?borewell water in India

A Borewell is a water supply system that is accessed by drilling and pumping groundwater. A bore is the water storage or underground aquifer that gives it the name. The bores are usually dug deep underground and are covered with layers of rocks or clay. This cover acts as a natural filter that prevents microbial contamination. Uncovered aquifers are more susceptible to both chemical and microbial pollution.

In India, diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of increasing mortality rates. Diarrhea is among several other water-borne diseases caused by the contamination of drinking water. The presence of chemicals and metals is another alarming concern. While some of these naturally occur in soil and rocks, others often result from human activities.

Is borewell water safe for drinking?

Borewell water is usually safe to drink. However, prolonged dry weathers, acid rains, and other contaminations can make the quality poor. This article on Deccan Herald is a worthy read about the safety of borewell water. Without a proper measure of the pollution, you can never be sure of how pure your drinking water is.

The naked eye cannot see Bacteria, viruses, and other tiny particles. Instead of spending money on regular water tests, make a one-time investment in a water purifying system.

Drinking Borewell Water from an RO filter is the safest choice you have. With 3-5 filtration stages, the water you get is free from pollutants and harmful microorganisms.

What is the TDS of Borewell Water?

TDS or total dissolved solids are a representation of inorganic salts and some organic matter present in the water. This mineral content often occurs naturally after the water passes through a region of salt-containing rocks. However, they are also a result of human activity. Industrial discharges and agricultural activities can enter into the water systems increasing the TDS levels.

A high concentration of these salts and minerals can lead to multiple health hazards and everyday challenges. A TDS level of above 200mg/litre indicates the hardness of the water. While some degree of TDS is desirable for its taste, an extremely high level can be alarming.

Different regions and well systems tend to have different TDS level. The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking water suggest that a TDS below 1000 is still acceptable. However, bear in mind that contamination of other elements may even be concerning.

Concluding Notes

We have given our expert reviews of the water purifier in India for borewell water. However, we do recommend you to choose the right one according to what works best for you. To make the right choice, you need to take a measure of your water’s TDS levels. You can check out some of the best TDS meters in India here.

In the case of lousy smell and metal contamination, a combination of the methods is your best choice. The RO + UV + UF + TDS Control filtering methods work to target all your water concerns at the same time. These top-choices in the market work efficiently at providing safety and perfection with the mere touch of a button. Get ready to make the life-changing decision of switching to a safer drinking water option!

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