How to Save Water in Daily Life: 101 Easy Methods of Water Conservation at Home

The scarcity of water is killing India inch by inch. Even the places which had abundant water supply a few years back is now facing a severe shortage of water.

Why is this happening?

Well, we are wasting a hell lot of water knowingly or unknowingly. Did you know an average family can waste about over 500 litres a week?

With depleting water resources globally, it becomes a personal responsibility to limit wastage in our daily lives.

This article will give you some straightforward and conventional ways to save water. It ranges from washing your vehicles to your food habits and even your job.

Let’s start:

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How can We Conserve Water while Washing Vehicles

conservation of water during car washing

1. Don’t Use a Water Pump

If you are looking to use a pipe to wash your car, we suggest adding a nozzle. The auto-shutoff feature helps to control excess flow. It limits the pressure, saving approximately 50 gallons of water.

When using a pressure pump, the force contributes to about 100 gallons of water wastage.

2. Use RO Wastewater

On average, a typical RO purifier wasteS 650 ml of water for a litre of pure water. The discharge contains a high content of TDS, making it undrinkable. Most consumers dump it down the drain; however, you can utilize it for car washing.

Dilute it with fresh tap water to prevent any damage to the car.

3. Saving water while washing

Instead of using the pipe and pump, use the bucket and sponge for cleaning your bike. This method saves up a lot of water and limits the wastage. You can store a few litres and use a washcloth or sponge to remove dust and dirt with the utmost ease.

4. Use a commercial car wash

We recommend washing your vehicles on a grassy area to water the grass simultaneously. However, if you cannot do this, we suggest going to a commercial car wash.

The service is designed in a manner to recycle water many times over, making it an eco-friendly option.

How can We Save Water in Garden

how can we save water in garden

5. Use watering can

As suggested for car washing, limit your water usage to a few litres by employing a watering can. This approach is beneficial in the way that it leaves the surrounding soil dry. It can restrict the growth of weeds, saving you the cost of labour.

A pipe, on the other hand, can cause wilting and may damage your plants.

6. Reduce the use of fertilizers

Not using the right kind of fertilizer makes the grass need more water. Heavy fertilizers encourage faster growth, making it require more moisture for this reason. You can limit this by going for organic alternatives like manure and homemade remedies.

7. Rainwater harvesting

An unconventional gardening hack is to opt for rainwater harvesting. It is among one of the leading solutions to limiting water loss. Install a tank over your roof to collect rainwater.

You can, then, utilize it to water your plants, providing them with essential nutrients.

8. Grow drought-resistant trees

Drought-resistant plants limit their water loss while maximizing water uptake. This feature helps them thrive in climates where water is a commodity. You can grow Yarrow, Blue False Indigo, and Stonecrop, etc. for this purpose.

Keen on maintaining a presentable lawn? These can be a few alternatives to those that need excessive moisture.

9. Regularly check the sprinklers

If your sprinkler is located in an area where the water splashes on concrete, you may have a problem. The watering systems should be set up in areas where it directly sprays onto the grass. That minimizes unnecessary wastage.

Another thing to note is the timing and duration for which the sprinklers turn on.

10. Wash your pets outside

Instead of bathing your pets inside, why not utilize the time also to water your lawn?

11. Shrink the size of the garden

Who needs a large-size grassy field, anyway, right? Conserve water by reducing your garden size. Add more pathways and increase the sidewalk, reducing water-dependent areas.

Many residents are following this method to reduce their water bills!

12. Re-use AC unit drain for watering

Instead of draining the AC discharge, store it in a watering can or tank to re-use it later. While we do not recommend this water for other household chores, you can water your plants with it.

Harvest this water in summers and collect up to 2 gallons an hour.

13. Use a soil moisture meter

Most often, we’re overwatering our gardens and doing more damage than good. You can evade this by investing in a soil moisture meter. Using it, you will know when to water your lawn, saving up on the cost and effort!

14. Deep soak your lawn

Instead of sprinkling water onto the garden, deep soak it to prevent evaporation. It lets the water to penetrate deep into the soil. Watering twice a week will be enough to promote growth.

15. Water when it’s not hot

If you water your plants during the afternoon, this causes moisture loss and leads it to evaporation. For this reason, you can water early in the morning or later in the evening when it is breezy and chiller.

16. Set up a watering schedule

Most gardens and plants do not need watering every day. Frequently watering contributes to wastage and can damage your plants. Set up a regular schedule or look for signs to know when to water.

17. Do not water before it’s about to rain

Watering when it is windy will ensure your driveway is just as wet as your garden. Moreover, most lawns get their daily requirements through the rain. They can sustain the week without extra watering.

If you live where it frequently rains, here is good news! You can save effort and time while also conserving aqua.

18. Plant in the spring and fall

Limiting water usage can lead to your plants to wilt and die during the summer. The best time to replace your lawn is during fall. Since the grass requires less moisture during fall, it is a great strategy to plant ahead for a fruitful spring.

19. Use mulch around plants

Mulches are a combination of barks and straws. It acts as a sunblock for the plants, helping it retain moisture. The best part about it is that it also helps to eliminate weeds!

More reason to use mulch in your garden.

20. Avoid garden décor that uses water

Most residents love adding attractive pieces for ornamentation purposes. However, what they don’t realize is the amount of aqua that goes into such décor. A smart strategy is to avoid such items.

21. Add dropped ice cubes in plant pots

Fallen ice cubes typically end up in the trash. Since you cannot consume it in your drinks, lay the melting cubes into plant stand to satisfy the latter’s daily moisture requirement.

Saving Water While Showering

saving water while showering

22. Water-saving showerhead

Replace your showerhead with water-saving technology. These low-flow heads restrict wastage, flowing enough to rinse the hair.

23. Soap instead of shower gel

Lather in shower gels is made with chemicals that need moisture to wash off thoroughly. Soaps, in contrast, produce lesser lather.

24. Shorter showers

Set up a red-light shower or an alarm to limit your water usage. The ringing will signal the time is up, reducing your time under the shower.

25. Limit hair oiling

Oiling the hair may be useful for the hair and scalp, but not for your tank! It usually takes twice as much water and shampoo to get rid of the grease in your hair.

26. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has been trending as a beauty staple. But did you know it could come in handy when you start showering alternately? It takes care of the oily scalp when you skip the shower for two days!

27. Adjust temperature before getting in

Do not leave the tap and faucet running. Instead, adjust your heater setting to the desired setting.

28. Wash your face in the shower

Instead of washing your face separately, do it under the running shower.

29. Bathe your younger children together

Mothers can bathe their younger children together. It doesn’t only conserve aqua but also saves your time!

Ways to Save Water in the Toilet

ways to save water in toilet


30. Fill toilet tank with plastic bottle

Insert bricks, pebbles, or filled plastic bottles into the tank of your toilet seat. This extra material reduces the volume of the container, making it limit water usage when flushing. This unconventional method can help you conserve 10 gallons per day!

31. Re-use dehumidifier water for flushing.

You can find greywater in different areas of the house. Use your dehumidifier or AC unit discharge water for flushing waste down the drain.

32. Check for leakage

If you notice water draining into the toilet seat, it is an indicator of a leak. You can also add in a food dye into the toilet tank to detect such leaks. Repair it timely to save up on your emptying containers.

33. Don’t treat the toilet as waste bin

Do not dump used tissue papers and wrappers in your toilet seat. Instead, discard them in the waste only. It will reduce your need for flushing, which is a primary source of water wastage.

34. Choose the half-flush feature

If your toilet seat is equipped with a function of a half-flush, use it unless necessary.

35. Attach washbasin with flush

In Japan, the toilets are being designed in a manner to re-use the sink drain. By attaching the basin to the toilet seat, you re-use greywater for flushing automatically. It helps you save up on fresh tap water.

36. Avoid automatic flushes

Automatic flushes run unnecessarily, which contributes to overall wastage. It is one of the familiar places where water losses occur. Instead, opt for a manual flush.

Moreover, flush when necessary, for example, after pooping. You can flush down pee by pouring half a bucket of greywater.

Water-Saving Tips for Washroom

water saving tips for washroom

37. Turn off the tap while brushing teeth

When brushing teeth, keep the valve turned off. Turn it back on only when you are ready to rinse your mouth and brush.

38. Turn off running taps while washing hands and face

When massaging the hands and face with soap, turn off the tap. Alternately, store the running water in a container to be used later.

39. Turn off faucets tightly

Be mindful of any running faucets, and make sure to screw them tightly. Leaky taps waste more amounts than we are aware of.

40. Use sanitizer

When working in the kitchen, stop washing your hands after each chore. Instead, use a sanitizer or wipe with a cloth.

41. Use low-impact soap

Harsh soap and gels pollute water when it goes into the drain. It, in turn, pollutes groundwater, making it unusable. Invest in organic gels, which are safer and have a low-impact.

42. Fill up the basin when shaving

Instead of rinsing your razor under the tap, fill up the sink or a container for this task.

Ways to Conserve Water in School

ways to conserve water in school

43. Install aerators on tap

Considering the population at schools, the amount of water wastage is unimaginable. Adding an aerator to the faucet gives a non-splashing stream and without affecting the flow in any way.

44. Wash art supplies in a container

Post-art class, wash paintbrushes, and other supplies in a box rather than under the tap.

45. Raise Awareness

The best place to talk about water conservation is at school. Spread awareness through seminars, posters, and assignments. It will control the wastage at school and will ensure that the kids are mindful at home, as well.

46. Use refillable bottles

Encourage the usage of refillable bottles at school. Not only does it reduces plastic at the landfill, but it also limits the amount of water that goes down the drain.

The bottles can then be filled up at public fountains or filters in school free of cost.

47. Fix leakages

Screen for open faucets and leaking taps, toilets, and even swimming pools. It will reduce the water bills and wastage significantly.

48. Install auto-sensor faucet

Sensor taps turn on and off when you place the hand underneath it. It reduces the burden on the tank by replacing continually running faucets with these.

Water-Saving Methods during Cleaning

water saving methods during cleaning


49. Use a bucket

When cleaning the house for the holiday season, pick up the bucket over the pipe. Having the pipe run for long will empty your tank without you knowing.

Instead, scrub the walls and floors with a sponge and bucket to limit wastage.

50. Take the broom over the hose

Similarly, instead of using the pipe to clean the yard, pick up the broom to get some exercise. The result of such cleaning is pretty much the same. What it does, though, is to maintain the tank quantity for other chores.


save water information

51. Use the automatic washing machine in case of full load

Washing machines drain water during the cycle regardless of the number of clothes it contains. For this reason, use it only when you have full capacity. You can also share the laundry time with your roommate or buddy to conserve water and energy.

52. Re-use towels

Do not throw away your shower towels in the laundry basket without re-using them a few times. It wastes a lot of detergent and water for washing them!

53. Upgrade to an efficient washing machine

The advanced technological features now allow you to preserve soapy water or use lesser quantity. It helps to reduce costs and wastage altogether.

54. Skip the extra rinse

Reduce your washing cycles by limiting the extra rinse. Additionally, you can also rinse white clothes in the detergent water and then add dyed fabric to the same.

Adding colored pieces first will waste the water as you cannot re-use it for white-coloured clothes.

55. Wash clothes in cold water

Avoid washing clothes in hot water. Instead, use cold or warm water as it preserves energy. While conserving energy, you also save water, especially in areas where it is produced through hydro plants.


saving water at home kitchen

56. Use the dishwasher in case of full load

Using the dishwasher for a large number of dishes will be water efficient.

57. Turn off the tap when washing dishes

The running faucet can contribute to water damage. Instead, turn off the tap and use a container.

58. Plug the sink for rinsing

During dishwashing, for the final rinse, plug the drain and store water. Rinse the soap off in clean water instead of having the tap running for extended periods.

59. Scrape dirty dishes

Instead of pre-rinsing, you can scrape off the dirt with the help of your gloves. The method may trigger your inner cleanliness freak. However, it is the best way to contribute to conservation.

60. Capture running water

Even while washing dishes or getting the desired temperature, set up a container in the sink to capture every drop. It can then be used later for different cleaning chores.

61. Store cold bottles in the fridge

In trying to get the right temperature, a running tap can cause a lot of wastage. Store it in a pitcher and refrigerate to get a cold drink at all times.

62. Clean the fridge with a washcloth instead of soap

Maintaining good hygiene is very important. While cleaning the fridge or even the counter, we recommend the use of simple home remedies that limit water usage. One such method is to use a washcloth or baking powder.

Not only does it clean the surface, but it does the job well.


methods to conserve water during cooking

63. Re-use cooking water

Did you know you could re-use vegetable and chicken stock instead of throwing it away? Drain I into your home plant pot!

Just be sure to cool it before feeding it to the plants.

64. Steam instead of boiling

Steaming veggies is a better option than boiling. It uses a fewer quantity of water. Additionally, this way, they retain nutrients, making them healthier, too!

65. Avoid defrosting using water

Thaw frozen meat and vegetables through the quick-frost feature in Microwaves. You can also boil vegetables directly instead of thawing.

66. Use smaller pots when necessary

When cooking smaller quantities, use small-sizes containers and reduce the need for water.

67. Scrub the vegetables instead of using power-washer

Fill up a bowl to wash the vegetables by scrubbing them.

68. Eat less beef

Buffalo meat and beef is produced by raising animals. These animals require close to 2,500 gallons of water. However, on the other hand, it takes a little over 20 gallons to produce a pound of wheat.

69. Preserve pasta water

Did you know you could use the starch water for cooking sauce?

70. Freeze chicken stock to re-use later

Save leftover water from boiling chicken and use it to make soup or pasta then!

71. One-pot cooking techniques

When cooking pasta or rice, use the same pot to sauté vegetables and meat. It reduces the need for additional pans and reduces the burden of dishwashing.

Water Play

water plays waste a lot of water

72. Do not play with the hose or sprinkler

As tempting as it feels during summers, restrict your children from playing around with sprinklers. When necessary, utilize gardening and playtime simultaneously to prevent wastage.

73. Use a pool cover

A pool cover is an essential tool to avoid evaporation. It reduces the need for water by approximately 50%.

Moreover, it also reduces the need for regular filtration and water changes by preventing contamination. You can also go for cheaper options like a plastic sheet for your home or school swimming pool.

74. Repair swimming pool leaks

Most leakages are silent and hidden, which causes the bills and wastage to multiply. Regular maintenance will monitor and keep checks of water loss.

If you notice a difference in height by a bucketful, call a technician for a thorough check.

75. Do not dive or splash in pools

When swimming, avoid splashing water onto concrete and sidewalks. The splatter evaporates, leaving the surface clean and dry. But, in the process, you’re losing up a significant quantity, which the fresh tap water will replace.

76. Turn off unnecessary fountains and waterfalls

While waterfalls and other decorations look attractive, they do waste plenty of water. We recommend turning off such accessories and using them when necessary. Another method is to use RO or AC unit water for this purpose.

77. Do not use water guns

What is summer without a few fun games, right? But your kid’s playtime may leave another kid with no drinking water. Save up on every drop by avoiding water games.

78. Do not play in the dirt

Bubble baths or good showers often follow playtime in puddles. Moreover, dirty and stained clothes will also require more water and detergent.

Fish Tank

79. Add a lid to prevent evaporation

Make sure to keep your fish tank covered. It will reduce the need for re-fill and filtration.

80. Get low-waste producing fish

Preserve tank water with low-maintenance fish that produce less waste.


save water ideas

81. Use the fan-only feature

It is more energy and water-efficient to run your ac on fan-only mode. Switch on the cooler to the desired temperature. When the room is cold, reduce it to the fan mode to minimize water loss.

82. Check AC for leaks

A clogged condensate drain line or pump issue can cause leakages resulting in water damage.

83. Re-use the drain

AC coolers have a drain that discharges water. Setting up a container for the pipe will help you collect this waste. Recycle it for daily chores like mopping and gardening.


water saving information

84. Thrift or Mend clothes

Do not throw away your clothes over a broken button or two. Instead, mend them or thrift buy to save aqua. It takes gallons to grow cotton and to process it.

By limiting your purchases, you also reduce the demand for cotton. That, in turn, limits the burden on natural water sources.

85. Hand wash

It may sound like a tedious and time-consuming task, but hand washing clothes are eco-friendly.

Throwing in one or two tops in the washing machine will consume more energy and water than you believe!

86. Don’t wash clothes until necessary

Do not wash clothes just for your inner satisfaction. It wastes gallons and consumes significant energy. Instead, wash your clothes when needed.

Use fragrances to cover up body odour and iron for a fresher look. If you see a stain or two, hand wash the affected area.

Did you know by doing this, you could provide water to many drought-affected areas? Moreover, it will also increase the life of your apparel by preventing fading of colour.

87. Buy less of everything

Buying less of everything means having to wash lesser clothes. For example, when it comes to pants, why buy three identical pairs when you can re-wear the same one?

It won’t just save your shopping bills but also laundry costs, too.

88. Freeze your jeans

Levi’s is a well-known brand in the fashion industry. The man behind the powerhouse, Levi Strauss, recommends freezing jeans instead of throwing them in the laundry.

Apparently, by doing so, you can kill germs while also reducing water consumption.


drinking water wastage

89. Use tap water over bottled water

When buying bottled water, most consumers drink a few sips and toss it away in the trash. The bottle is likely to end up in landfills, and the rest is imaginable.

Brands use advanced filtering technologies that waste aqua for a purified output. Instead, set up a filter at home or drink from taps or fountains.

With an emphasis on plastic reduction going on, we cannot help but stress the same. Using a metal bottle, you can play your part in preserving water. Moreover, carrying such a bottle will make you drink more, filling it only when necessary.

90. Cover pot to prevent evaporation when boiling

If you have studied science, you must be aware of evaporation and condensation concepts. Uncovered containers lose plenty of water to evaporation. It causes the pots to be re-filled.

By covering it, you will not have to add more and can also re-use the leftover for other chores.

91. Order water at restaurants only if you will drink it

When dining out, order drinks and water if you’re thirsty. Most of the time, the leftover drink is drained in the sink and goes to waste.

92. Use one cup or glass throughout the day

Instead of dumping your cups in the dishwasher, use it throughout the day. Wash it at night to be used the following day.

93. Drink water instead of juice

A single glass of orange juice takes up 170 litres of water. The added sugar and preservatives are another story altogether!


rain water tanks to conserve water

94. Insulate your pipes

One brilliant strategy is to insulate the pipes. It is particularly crucial in colder climates where hot water is a necessity. By insulating pipes, you ensure that the water heats up faster.

You will not have to run it for more extended periods.

95. Install a water meter

Hydrometers at home indicate your water usage at different times of the day. It can help you create a schedule and limit your consumption also to reduce the cost.

96. Measure water levels at intervals

Once you install the meter, check the reading at different intervals when the water is not being consumed. It is a great way to detect leakages and prevent more loss.

97. Install a rainwater tank

A rainwater tank is a great tool to harvest rainwater. It can then be used to bathe pets or for gardening. You can also hire a technician to create a connection between the tank and different parts of the house.

98. Complain regarding open/leaking pumps

Poor construction and decaying, rusty pipes are prone to leakages. If you spot an open pump in your neighbour, it is best to call authorities. It can save gallons and reduce wastage by a significant percentage.

Spread the word

save water poster to spread the information

99. Write to your local newspaper

Water conservation starts at home; however, you can increase the impact by spreading awareness. One prominent way to do this is to write to a daily newspaper. Letters to the editor get published and are read by a broad audience, creating a much-needed ripple effect.

100. Distribute flyers

Another way is to distribute pamphlets or brochures in your neighbourhood.

101. Share on social media

In this tech-savvy age, you can also use your social media following for this purpose. Getting even one person to jump on the bandwagon can help. Every droplet counts!

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