Kent Non-Electric Water Purifiers: Reviews of Kent’s Top Gravity Based & UF Purifiers

Kent is a renowned brand name in the world of water purifiers. Their wide range of products includes both electrical and non-electrical purifiers to suit the everyday Indian needs. What makes them widely recognized is their innovative technology, user-friendly models, and durability.

Today, we are going to focus on Kent non-electric water purifiers.

Just like the electrical variants, Kent is known for producing some of the finest gravity and UF water purifiers.

One of the biggest pitfalls in selecting a water purifier is going with a low-quality product. However, you have just eliminated this option by going with the brand Kent.

In this article, we will see Kent’s top non-electric water purifiers; their reviews and key specifications.

Top Kent Non-electric Water Purifiers

The top 5 gravity and UF water purifiers produced by Kent are:

  • Kent Gold+
  • Kent Gold Optima
  • Kent Crystal
  • Kent Gold Star
  • Kent Gold Smart

Gravity-based purifiers are an ideal option for households looking for affordable yet high-quality units that can work for a TDS of up to 200 ppm.

What better brand to opt for than Kent for this reason?

Before going with a non-electric purifier here are some important things you should know:

  • When it comes to Indian households, the municipal and groundwater sources provide contaminated water.
  • This water then becomes undrinkable due to TDS content.
  • Moreover, many illness-causing microorganisms make way into your body through this water.

This creates a demand for purifying systems that eliminate contaminants, hence delivering healthier tap water.

You will find a lot of Kent water purifiers without electricity in the market. Let’s take a look at the most economical and famous ones:

1. Kent Gold+ Gravity Water Purifier

Kent Gold+ Gravity water purifier

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The superior performance of the Kent Gold+ 20 ltr gravity water purifier unit makes it top of this list of Kent’s non-electric water purifiers. Like all Kent products, this one, too, sets the bar high for competitors to follow.

What’s more?

Gold+ is in fact the best non-electric water purifier in the market.

Here are some of its highly-appreciated features:

  • It includes a high-base stand to draw the water conveniently.
  • The membrane life is expected to be up to 4000 litres.
  • Kent Gold+ has a 10-litres storage space in each of the compartments.
  • The aqua blue colour and modern design make it a great addition to the Indian kitchens.

Gravity-based purifiers typically need regular maintenance and cleaning. It helps increase filter life and prevents clogging. For this reason, it is crucial to invest in a product that gives you the ease of assembling and disassembling.

Kent Gold+ is convenient to clean and has a hassle-free installation.

2. Kent Gold Optima

If Kent Gold+ didn’t meet your needs, take a look at the Gold Optima model. This gravity-based water purifier is a lightweight, aqua-blue coloured model. What makes Gold Optima one of the best is the number of filters it includes.

The sediment filter helps to block coarse particles, while carbon enhances taste and odour. The UF filter ensures that the water you’re delivered is 100% high-quality and healthy.

Here’s what customers found interesting about this Kent gravity water purifier:

  • The product’s filters have a relatively long life. The Kent UF filter works well for six months, the carbon and sediment filters for three. However, this is dependent on the quality of tap water.
  • Kent offers a year-long warranty along with free of cost services for three years.
  • The 5-litre capacity in each tank makes it suitable for smaller Indian families.

If storage is not an issue, Kent Gold Optima is an excellent purchase!

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3. Kent Crystal UF Water Purifier

Kent Crystal UF Water purifier

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When it comes to Ultrafiltration, Kent is the pioneer of the technology in India. The Kent Crystal is a fantastic non-electric, UF purifier. With a capacity of 15-litres and a top-notch design, it is among the highly-voted product.

It uses a 0.1 microns pore size hollow fibre to ensure microorganism-free water for you. One of the significant reasons for opting for a purifier is due to the amount of disease-causing germs. However, with Kent Crystal’s advanced technology, the water you consume if free of cysts, bacteria, and viruses.

Here’s why it is a popular consumer choice:

  • The water delivered by this model is free of chemicals like Chlorine and Bromine. It makes the product a healthier and fitter option for your entire family.
  • The upper compartment of this Kent UF water purifier holds 7-litres of raw water to purify according to need. In contrast, the lower compartment stores 8-litres of purified water.
  • Kent offers easy ten-day returns and a year-long warranty on the unit.

4. Kent Gold Star Gravity Water Purifier

Kent Gold Star Gravity based water purifier

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Kent’s Gold range includes several gravity-based purifiers, each better than the next. Among these options is the Gold Star model with an innovative, wall-mountable design. It holds a storage capacity of 22-litres, more than what most brands offer.

Additionally, the non-breakable plastic build ensures a leak-free experience. It also means that the purifier is durable and long-lasting.

Some notable qualities of Kent Gold Star include:

  • It is CE, and WQA Gold Seal certified after rigorous testing.
  • You can get 14-litres of purified water in the bottom compartment.
  • The spin welded UF membrane means an improved and quality life.

Customers specifically love Kent Gold Star for the lower maintenance costs and ease of installation.

Ready to buy a Kent Water Purifier without Electricity?

You can easily save your hospital bills and RO repair charges with affordable alternatives like these. Gravity-based and UF purifiers are the talk of the town for lower TDS water areas.

Apart from the lower prices, we recommend the products for their effective performance.

This is where a brand like Kent comes into play.

The Kent gravity and UF water purifiers are terrific when it comes to filtering out cysts, bacteria, and germs. Further, these purifiers enhance the aesthetics of water. The advanced nano-silver carbon technology eliminates foul odour and taste.

Unlike competitors, Kent goes a step ahead with its convenient warranty and technical assistance services. Clogging and breakage are two very prevalent issues with purifiers. However, with a year-long warranty, you can manage and reduce the additional costs.

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