Most Expensive Mineral Water Bottle in India

The most expensive mineral water in India is Beverly Hills 90H20. It costs around 65 lakhs. There are many other costly bottled water in India. This article reviews those expensive packaged waters. But before we dwell into the reviews, do we need to purchase highly priced mineral water like these? I would say, you should if you have the budget. Some of these costly mineral waters are known for high quality natural minerals. The unique water sources is another reason that justifies the price. Another reason that contributes to the price is the premium quality bottles in which the water is being sold.

Our team has tested 20+ costly mineral waters in India to bring the best ones for you. We have rounded up the top 9 most expensive water bottles in India! Considering the state of India’s water supply system, we understand why the public is keen on purchasing from luxury water brands in India.

Costliest Mineral Water Bottles in India

The most expensive mineral water bottles in India are:

  1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O
  3. Voss Artesian- Check Price on Amazon
  4. Aava – Check Price on Amazon
  5. Voss Tangerine Lemongrass – Check Price on Amazon
  6. Evian –Check Price on Amazon
  7. Tata Himalayan –Check Price on Amazon
  8. Evocus –Check Price on Amazon
  9. Qua – Check Price on Amazon

1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O – Most expensive bottled water

Beverly Hills 9OH2O is one of the most exotic and high-priced water bottles to exist. It retails at INR 65 lakh, but wait there’s more. What justifies this high price is its diamond-embossed, white gold cap. It features 600 white diamonds and 250 black diamonds. The Beverly Hills 9OH2O is called the “champagne” of water due to its whopping price tag! Coming to its true benefits, the water is infused with natural minerals with certain pH alkalinity. The brand has crafted the water formula for a fine-dining experience, giving it a crisp and fresh taste.

Looking at the price tag, the water is definitely overpriced for what it serves. You can find plenty of lower-end brands that provide mineral-rich water, minus the luxury feel.

2. KONA DEEP – Exotic

Kona Deep is another high quality costly packaged water in India. True to its name, KONA DEEP extracts its deep ocean water from 3,000 feet below the surface. It is sourced from Kona, Hawaii, and features a unique blend of ocean minerals and electrolytes. Some of the major benefits you get from drinking KONA DEEP are that it is twice more hydrating than spring water. The only treatment the water undergoes is desalination, to get rid of salt. Although it retails at INR 27,000, we find the price justified for how it is extracted and then processed. This premium water brand is an excellent choice for its refreshing and electrolyte-rich aqua!

3. Voss Artesian – A premium choice

The third one on this list of most expensive mineral water is Voss Artesian. The VOSS Artesian water is bottled in pristine southern Norway. It is sourced from an underground aquifer located deep beneath the surface. This pure aqua is often served in some of the finest restaurants and lounges. Voss has gained popularity as one of the luxury water brands in India for its naturally filtered and pollutant-free quality. It is premium quality at a mid-range price of INR 6,600 for 12, 800-ml bottles. What makes Voss so incredible is its light and delicious taste. It comes in reusable glass bottles, which makes the drinking experience even better.

4. Aava – Luxury alkaline water

The best kind of water for neutralizing the body’s acid is alkaline water. With a pH of 8+ and fortified minerals like calcium and magnesium, Aava is an excellent choice for natural alkaline mineral water. The superior taste and natural filtration make Aava worth the high price. This exotic-tasting water originates from the hills of Taranga, Aravalli Mountain Range. The water travels through clay and alluvial layers, which enriches it with vital nutrients. The Aava Alkaline water is the perfect tonic for acidity and heartburn. Moreover, it is a healthier choice for your brain, heart, and bones!

5. Voss Tangerine Lemongrass – Best-tasting sparkling water

Sparkling water is an excellent alternative to sodas. The water is infused with carbon dioxide to give it the “sparkling” effect. If you’re on the search for water that tastes refreshing and is better than regular soda, you must try out this! The Voss sparkling water comes in a zero-sugar, zero-calorie Tangerine Lemongrass flavour.

6. Evian – Top choice for spring water

The benefits of natural spring water are immense. The composition of minerals and electrolytes gives it a smooth and light taste. Evian begins as mountain rain and snowflakes, then travels through glacial rocks for about 15 years. This process gives it a neutral pH of 7.2, along with purity and mineral content. Evian delivers natural hydration and the taste of purity of the French Alps in each sip. Despite the premium price, Evian is a top choice of several Indian celebrities looking for pure and natural spring water.

7. Tata Himalayan – Mineral-rich

If you’re wondering which is the best packaged water bottle in India? The Tata Himalayan is the one! The water is sourced right from the arms of nature, making it pure and refreshing.

This premium brand of water comes from a pure, underground moving stream aquifer. The water is extracted from 400 feet below the surface, at the foothills of Himalaya’s Shivalik range. This pristine aquifer is one of the purest sources, providing a perennial source of 100% pure and natural mineral water. There is zero human activity; thus, the catchment area is pollution-free. Each drop passes through layers of rock, sand and silt. These layers serve as natural filters that keep the water bacteria-free. It also picks up essential minerals and acquires a unique taste that makes it fit for a fine-dining experience. Although priced relatively higher, we highly recommend Tata Himalayan for the benefits it offers.

8. Evocus – India’s first black water

Evocus black alkaline water comes highly recommend for its 70+ natural minerals. It is best known for superior hydration, reduced acidity, and heightened alertness. Additionally, Evocus boosts metabolism, due to its alkaline pH, and also enhances anti-ageing. My most favourite part about the drink is that it is zero Sugar, zero Calories, zero Carbs, zero Caffeine, and zero flavours. It’s a healthy choice, especially if you are looking to improve your skin’s health and want to boost your mineral intake. Although a bit pricey, Evocus offers bang for the buck, considering the plentiful benefits it has to offer.

9. Qua – Best natural mineral water

Qua is a favourite expensive water bottle in India for its remarkable taste and quality. It’s the perfect alternative to unhygienic tap water. Qua is natural mineral water, brought to you from the Himalayas. Since it comes in its original state and is untouched by humans, it requires minimal processing. Besides, it is rich in essential minerals that are often missing in other water types. Although it comes priced higher than other local water bottles, Qua is far superior in quality and packaging.


The expensive bottled waters are all rich in vital minerals and electrolytes that not only energize but also improve health. Priced at over 6,000 INR, Voss Artesian Still Water is the most affordable choice amongst the costliest mineral water bottles in India. It’s also one of the most popular brands served in restaurants and lounges. Another popular, luxurious brand is the Beverly Hills 9OH2O. It offers a smooth palette and a tantalizing flavour, designed for fine-dining experiences. If you’re looking to quench your thirst and don’t mind paying the premium price, you must check out these brands.

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