RO Water Purifier Motor Price of the Best Picks of 2021

A reverse osmosis motor or booster pump is used to increase water pressure. This added force, in turn, increases the flow of inlet water into the RO unit. Since the system works on water flow and pressure, it becomes essential to add in a pump where the force is low.

Most households have low water pressure, which hampers the quality of water. Simultaneously, it reduces the output by filling the tank slowly. Most importantly, it also results in increased reject water or discharge, which adds to water wastage.

In such cases, it becomes mandatory to install a booster pump.

How Does the Booster Pump work?

The motor typically has three elements:

  1. Transformer
  2. Pressure Switch
  3. Pump

The first part is used to convert voltage, which is required by the pump. The transformer connects with any standard wall outlet to do this task. Next is the pressure switch that continually monitors the amount of pressure in the RO tank.

It adjusts the pump accordingly by switching it on and off, depending on the existing tank pressure. And, lastly, is the motor itself.

Benefits of RO Booster Pump

Even if you have the best-rated RO purifier in your home, adding in a motor can be very beneficial for the unit. Here’s how:

  • It is best for areas with low pressure to increase the speed of water flow.
  • Boosting the force can improve the overall efficiency of the system.
  • It also helps in increasing the overall water production, giving you high-quality filtered water.
  • That also helps in reducing wastewater by a large margin.

Best RO Water Purifier Motors-Reviews & Price Analysis

Take a look at these top-rated products in the market:

Wellon AquaOn

The Wellon 100 GPD booster is suitable for all domestic RO purifiers. The shock-proof motor is one of the most sought after ones. It is noiseless, which adds to its high efficiency. Sound is a common problem faced with RO motors. Vibration and noisy performance can be disturbing for many. However, Wellon AquaOn takes care of the issue with its silent functioning.

The best part about this motor is how long-lasting it is. Most customers who bought the product could not stop raving about its durability, given its affordable price. The product is priced just below INR 2,000, which makes it cost-effective. A few customers faced issues with the packaging and missing connectors. It is something the brand needs to look into to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Otherwise, the installation is pretty simple and can be done without any technician, as well.

Lexpure Pokar

The Lexpure Pokar diaphragm boosting pump comes with Teflon tape and Elbow connectors. This 100 GPD motor promises to improve RO performance by increasing pressure. Additionally, you can use it with some of the top brands like Kent, AquaGuard, and Pureit, etc. The brand offers a 2-year warranty, which adds to the product’s amazing features! Most consumers are content with their purchases and the quality provided by Lexpure.

It has a smooth operation with minimal vibration and noise. The most notable features of it are high-quality, affordable price, and durability. With Lexpure priced under INR 3,000, we consider it to be a steal!


Ionix is another renowned brand in the market for its high-quality RO motors. The rust-free, metal booster has a 4-year shelf life. It is shock-proof and works well with most domestic purifiers. The copper winding gives it a sturdy finish, making the product durable. There is no way your metal pump is getting damaged!

It also comes with connectors to aid in the installation process. Customers who bought Ionix experienced no leakage, vibration, or sound. They also claim it to be value for money. However, the only issue with it is that the connectors are not universal. They were not compatible with the Eureka Forbes purifier. With that taken care of, Ionix is an excellent purchase considering its low price of approximately 3,000 INR.

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