What is the Standard Shower Head Height?

The height of a shower head has much to do with your showering experience. It should not be touching your head while taking a bath. It should not be too high either, or else you will lose ideal water pressure.

Maintaining the ideal height ensure that you enjoy the perks of a good shower head. There is no clear cut, rigid number to give as perfect shower head height. It all depends on the following.

  • The heights of the members in your house.
  • The type of shower head you use.
  • According to the requirements of children and pets.
  • Personal preference

You can also adjust the shower head height by using additional settings.

How to adjust Shower head height based on the height of users

The typical standard height of a shower head is around 80 inches. It is equal to 6 feet and 8 inches. This height is based on the average height of a person. 

  • For households

A shower head should be mounted so that everyone in the household enjoys it properly. It should not be touching the head of the tallest member. Further, the shower head should not be too high either to accommodate the needs of the shortest member.

You can also customize the shower head according to the need of your household. First, you need to measure the height of the tallest member of the family. It will help if you place the shower head around 3 inches higher than that person’s height. This ensures that even the tallest member enjoys the bath properly without any injuries.

  • For common spaces

If the shower head is for a guest house or a hotel room, it must be placed even higher. This is to ensure that even the tallest guest gets to enjoy the shower. You can also opt for a handheld showerhead for dealing with the same reason.

Showerhead height based on the type of shower head

The height requirement changes according to the type of shower head. The different types like the wall-mounted, rain shower heads and handheld ones have different standard heights. Let’s explore what is the ideal heights to install each of these shower heads:

  • Wall-mounted shower heads

These are the ones that use 80 inches standard height. A height that suits everyone should be used according to the requirements. It may be fit around 3 inches higher than the tallest person who uses it. The height of children shouldn’t be considered when doing this. It is because they are still in the growing phase. 

  • Rain shower heads

They give you the illusion of standing in the rain. Water pours directly to your head from these showers without any angles. The standard height for these is around 84 inches from the shower floor. It is the ideal option when the household has a significant height variation among members.

  • Handheld shower heads

They usually come with a 3 to 6-foot hose. This type of shower head can be installed at any height according to your comfort. Just make sure that it is at a reachable height. It is advisable to go between 72 to 78 inches in height. Handheld shower hands are an excellent option for a household that includes children or pets.

How to accommodate the needs of children and pets

Wall-mounted shower heads usually don’t consider the height of children when installed. It is because they are still growing. You have to make sure that the water flow is not too strong for them. A strong direct flow of water to the eyes might cause injuries.

Rainshower heads provide enough space for all. Here also, you don’t have to customize its height according to the needs of children.

Handheld shower heads are the best option for children and pets. They offer a safe, easy and comfortable showering experience for them. This type is usually mounted to the wall. Consider the height of children while installing it. Adjustable shower heads with a sliding bar will be able to cater to people with different heights. Be sure to install it at a height where you can comfortably bathe your pets. 

Personal preferences

It is up to you to choose a comfortable shower head height. Keeping the standards as the base, you can customize it however you want. Just make sure to accommodate the needs of every person who might use the shower head.

How to increase your shower head height

If the height of your shower head is not to your liking, you can customize it using different tools. 

  • Shower slide bar 

Shower slide bars allow flexible height for handheld shower heads. It has a shower holder, which you can adjust by sliding it.

  • S shower arm

You can replace your normal shower hand with an S shower arm for extra height. It is a fixed option offering less flexibility. But this can withstand wear and tear.

  • Adjustable shower arm

Adjustable shower arms are the most affordable way to increase your shower head height. It also provides flexibility. This makes it beneficial for a household to have members of different heights. This acts as an extension for your existing shower arm. It is also easy to install without the requirement of many tools.

  • Swivel ball adapter

This tool helps to lower the shower head height. It is helpful when the shower sprayer hits the wall directly and not you. This usually happens if you are below average height.


Shower head height is an essential factor in ensuring the perfect showering experience. Different factors are affecting your shower head height requirements. The standard wall mounted shower head height is taken to be 80 inches. But it changes according to the type of shower head used and personal preferences. The height of the tallest person using the shower head should be the base when customizing the height. You can also use extra tools to attain the ideal shower head height for you. Further, getting a high-pressure shower head will also solve the water pressure problem to an extent.

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