Best Mineral Water in India- Top Drinking Waters of 2021

Based on our research, there are 11 best mineral water brands in India that give top quality packaged water. We are living in a time when you need to buy these bottled waters to get essential minerals. You might be thinking about which are the top 10 mineral water brands in India. You don’t have to worry! Our market researchers will give you an extensive review of the best drinking water. You can choose the ideal option for you based on our reviews

Best Mineral Water in India

The top 10 mineral water in India are

  1. Bisleri- Best and Most Popular Mineral Water
  2. Evocus- Best Alkaline Bottled Water
  3. Qua
  4. Aava- Best Sweet Tasting Packaged Water
  5. Himalayan- Premium Bottled Water
  6. Alkalen
  7. Kinley- Customer’s Favoruite Choice
  8. Aquafina- Best Budget Packaged Mineral Water
  9. Bailey- Most Preferred Mineral Water
  10. Komin
  11. Varahi Ice Still

The complete reviews of these packaged water bottles are given below:

1.      Bisleri – Best Packaged Mineral Water

Bisleri is a best-seller in India and the public seems to love it as an inexpensive thirst-quencher. Undoubtedly, this is the most popular mineral water brand in India. Bisleri water goes through ten processes to deliver premium quality. The ozonization process kills all harmful bacteria, while the sand filter removes unwanted particles. The water then passes through a carbon filter to get rid of colour, odour, and pesticides. After this, it goes through reverse osmosis, which removes excess salts and minerals. To make up for the lost minerals, it undergoes a mineralization step to add back potassium and magnesium compounds. It makes the water healthier and sweet-tasting. 

In short, Bisleri promises purity and goodness in each droplet! It is the perfect source of essential nutrients. Trusted by millions, Bisleri is the best mineral water brand in India, today.

2.      Evocus – Best Alkaline Bottled Water

Evocus is India’s first black water, enriched with 70+ organic minerals. The higher pH value helps reduce acidity, increases alertness, and boosts metabolism. Drinking premium alkaline water is the perfect solution to stop ageing as it is twice as hydrating as standard mineral water. Evocus is sourced from a rare deposit in Texas, USA. It is derived from a unique mineral compound that originates in the depths of the earth. These natural minerals infused with alkaline water give it an organic black colour.

If you’re looking to detoxify and replenish your energy, Evocus is your best choice! Keep in mind; it comes at a premium price but is worth every penny spent. It’s also got a pretty cool design; it’s stylish to carry! 

To balance your body’s natural pH, we recommend drinking not more than one bottle each day.

3.      Qua – Mineral-enriched

This Himalayan water brand draws its water from an underground source that is far from human habitation and contamination. Qua claims the water percolates into the aquifer, over two decades. This water is naturally rich in electrolytes and other vital nutrients that give it a sweet and refreshing taste. The best part about Qua water is that it is rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, fluoride, bicarbonate, nitrate, and chloride.

Qua natural mineral water has a pH of 7.55, which makes it alkaline water. It is beneficial in neutralizing harmful waste and promotes overall health. Qua’s USP is that it is bottled in Himachal Pardes, as opposed to other packaged water brands that have various plants spread across cities, resulting in less consistency in quality.

This premium quality translates into a relatively higher price tag. But, keeping in mind its health benefits, the price seems justified.

4.      Aava – Sweet-tasting Packaged Water

Aava is velvety on the palette, thanks to its smooth texture. This natural mineral water originates from the foothills of one of the oldest mountain ranges, Aravallis. Each droplet passes through naturally filtering barriers like clay and alluvium that enrich the water with calcium and magnesium. Aava is packaged without reverse osmosis or artificial ionization. With a pH of 8.0+, this alkaline water offers superior hydration along with a balance of natural mineral composition. These health-boosting alkaline properties reduce the body’s acid load. It also decelerates ageing and strengths the brain and cardiac functions.

The best part about Aava is that it tastes fresher and sweeter than other packaged water brands. The bottle is also fully recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option.

Compared to other local options, Aava comes relatively costly. But, considering its quality and health perks, we wouldn’t mind paying the higher price.

5.      Himalayan – Premium Bottled Water

Varahi Himalaya is a popular choice among Indians for alkaline mineral water. This aqua stems from the foothills of the Himalayan range and is bottled at the source, untouched by human hands. It has a pH of 7.8 and is naturally rich in bicarbonate, silica, calcium, and magnesium. Himalaya alkaline water undergoes multi-grade filtration to remove microbes and other contaminants. The bottles are BPA-free and made with FDA-approved materials. It also ranks in terms of hygiene and quality standards.

It’s not cheap though. The premium packaging and processing pushes the cost up. But, if you’re worried about the health drawbacks of consuming contaminated and acidic water, then it’s is a small price to pay!

6.      Alkalen – Energizing alkaline water

Alkalen is another top choice for alkaline water for multiple reasons. For starters, it has a pH value of 8.5-9.5, which is essential in reducing the body’s acid load. It acts as a buffer and helps reduce acidity. Besides this, its high mineral content and antioxidant properties hold numerous health benefits. The presence of vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium accelerate hydration and replenish and reenergize the body.

Switching to Alkalen has done well for my body. It tastes light yet keeps me hydrated for long. I also like its packaging and design; it looks stylish to carry around. If you face stomach troubles and acid reflux, try out Alkalen and you won’t be disappointed!

7.      Kinley – Go-to choice

Kinley boasts a refreshing taste that makes it a favourite among sports enthusiasts. What makes it so great is its rigorous purification that guarantees consistency and purity. The purification process includes ten intensive steps including:

  • Disinfection
  • Sand filtration
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • 10-Micron polishing
  • Reverse osmosis
  • 5-Micron filtration
  • Ultraviolet filtration
  • 1-Micron polishing
  • Mineral dosing
  • Ozone filtration

Kinley is a widely trusted packaged water brand and an excellent solution for accessing clean and safe drinking water. Most importantly, the brand has a price advantage. It is one of the most economically-priced mineral water brands.

8.      Aquafina – Best budget Packaged Water

If you want truly pure water, Aquafina is as pure as it can get! The secret to this sweet-tasting aqua: its rigorous purification process! This state-of-the-art purification system delivers pure aqua with a perfectly refreshing taste. With close to 20 manufacturing plants across India, Aquafina is one of the top mineral water brands today. The best part about it is its affordable price tag that makes clean water accessible to many!

Aquafina undergoes the reverse osmosis process to eliminate harmful substances and excess salts. After this, it goes through a mineralization step to add back lost mineral compounds. The only drawback of this packaged water is that it doesn’t taste as good at room temperature.

9.      Bailley, Parle Agro – Most Preferred Mineral Water

Bailley launched in 1993 and made its way as one of the best-selling bottled waters. It is widely recognized as a symbol of purity. Its balance of rich minerals and electrolytes quench your thirst and reenergize the body. Since it is free from contaminants, it is a safer choice for drinking water. Most importantly, Bailley is a budget-friendly drinking water brand. It is packaged across the country at 52 state-of-the-art bottling plants. It meets the highest standards of quality and purity, making it a trusted brand.

Bailley is a go-to packaged water brand, especially if you’re looking to boost your daily mineral intake. Its rigorous purification process ensures microbe and toxin-free water. Keep in mind, this is not natural mineral water.  

10.  Komin – Refreshing taste

Komin natural mineral water originates from Mount Sahyadri and is organically alkaline in nature. It is also enriched with vital minerals that give it a uniquely refreshing taste. Komin is a natural detoxifier and immunity booster, all thanks to its optimum pH level. Its high mineral content includes magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and nitrate.

Overall, the combination of minerals and alkalinity makes it a superb choice for those who need real hydration. Its high point is that it delivers the same quality as its competitor Evian at a fraction of its price. Komin offers decent value for money in terms of taste, packaging, and quality.

11.  Varahi Ice Still –Optimum pH

Varahi Ice is an incredible source of health with its naturally high mineral content. It has a great taste, comes from the foothills of the Himalayas, and has plenty of health benefits. For those who like an immediately hydrating drink after an intensive workout, Varahi Ice is one of the best you can get. The best part about it is its multi-grade purification process at one of its state-of-the-art plant. Its naturally alkaline pH boosts digestion. Moreover, it is rich in nutrients like sodium, calcium, and magnesium that are known for their positive health effects.

We also like that Varahi Ice comes at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, the brand uses FDA-approved, BPA-free PET for its bottle, which may double as a refrigerator bottle!

Top Mineral Water Bottle Brands in India

The bottled water industry has grown immensely in the past few decades due to the dilapidated state of India’s water supply system. There are hundreds of mineral water brands in India. Some of the top brands you can trust are:

  • Bisleri
  • Aquafina
  • Kinley
  • Bailey
  • Patanjali Divyajal
  • SmartWater
  • Dasani
  • Manikchand Oxyrich Mineral Water
  • Kingfisher
  • Trupti
  • Tata Water Plus
  • Future Aqua
  • PureMAX
  • Hello Mineral Water
  • Rail Neer
  • Nestle Pure Life
  • Amust
  • Diet Aqua
  • Indus Pride
  • Fosters
  • Oasis
  • Vedica


Is it OK to drink mineral water every day?

Mineral water is safe to drink, with minimal to no immediate health impacts. In fact, it may be an excellent source to get your daily quota of vital nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

Is mineral water good for you?

Mineral water offers plentiful health benefits as it is a mineral-rich source. Since it carries high calcium content, it may help in building and maintaining strong bones. The magnesium content will boost the heart’s health by maintaining a normal rhythm. The magnesium in mineral water may also improve digestive health by preventing constipation.

Which water brand is healthiest?

Bisleri is the most popular brand in India, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is our top choice as the healthiest mineral water brand. It includes ozonated water and minerals like potassium and magnesium that are crucial for the body’s normal functioning. It provides non-contaminated, calorie-free water that is free from chemicals and any suspended particles.

Does mineral water make you gain weight?

Sodium-free, zero-calorie sparkling mineral water may promote weight gain. The carbonation increases ghrelin production, which is the hormone responsible for hunger. It makes you eat more, subsequently causing you to gain more weight.

Is mineral water good for your teeth?

Mineral water that has undergone reverse osmosis (RO) or other filtration processes may have lower fluoride content. This naturally occurring mineral, fluoride is known for preventing and reversing tooth decay. Besides, some mineral water also has an acidic pH level, which may not be good for your teeth. It’s a good idea to read labels to find out if your bottled water contains fluoride levels or is acidic in nature. Overall, as long as your water is free from citric acid or sugar, even sparkling water may be fine for your pearly whites.


Mineral-enriched water is the best water to drink. They are great for boosting your daily nutrient intake. We have listed the top 10 bottled mineral water you can buy in 2021. These bottled waters go through multiple filtration stages that get rid of contaminants and microbes while retaining essential minerals. Therefore, switching to mineral water is the best thing you can do for your body. Our top choice is Bisleri, as most Indians will agree. The brand maintains the highest hygiene standards, ensuring utter purity and safety. It is budget-friendly, too! Conversely, alkaline water is gaining popularity over the standard still mineral water for its greater health benefits. The higher pH is supremely beneficial in reducing acidity, supporting the immune system, and increasing alertness. Some of the top favourite brands for alkaline water are Evocus, Alkalen, and Himalaya.

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