Best RO Water Purifier in India: Top 10 RO System for Home for Safe Drinking Water

No water purifier is as effective as an RO system in giving clean drinking water. The top-notch multi-stage filtration techniques in this purifier give you the purest form of water. This precisely why I don’t mind seeing the upward trend in RO water purifier sales every year.

The huge demand for these purifiers has opened the market wide open. But picking the best RO water purifier in India is not an easy task nowadays. These common problems might make your quest difficult:

      • Numerous RO purifier manufacturers(a lot of them fall behind when it comes to quality)
      • Finding the purifier with the right specifications for your need
      • Inability to decide on other additional purification technologies

If you are going through this stage, don’t worry. We have you covered.

In fact, this article is written exclusively for people like you. We will help you find out the right RO for your home.

I know you are eager to find out our top picks, here they are:

Top 10 Best RO in India: Overview

Products Highlights
AquaSure Smart Plus – Best Rated
  • MTDS controller
  • Smart cartridge life
  • Energy saving
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • LED indicators and alerts
Kent Grand- Customer’s Choice
  • Extended free service
  • Water-saving technology
  • 20-liters per hour capacity
  • Mineral RO technology
  • Certified
R.K. Aqua Fresh- Best Design
  • Filter change alarm
  • UV fail alarm
  • TDS controller
  • Comes with Cartridge
  • 10-liters per hour capacity
Kent Ace – The High Performer
  • 15-liters per hour flow
  • Free installation provided
  • Mineral RO technology
  • Certified
  • Purify water from all sources
P-Link Black Edition – Budget RO Purifier
  • Attractive design
  • Ample storage
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Enhances odor and color
  • Adds essential natural minerals
Havells Max – Smooth Flow
  • Corrects pH
  • Continually monitors
  • 15-liters per hour flow
  • Consumer-friendly alerts
  • Elegant design
Ruby – Economical Option
  • Free service and installation
  • 12-liters per hour flow
  • Good quality electrical parts
  • Easy installation
  • Enhanced odor, color, and taste
LivPure Glo
  • Up to 12-liter per hour delivery
  • Tank full indicator
  • 365 days of customer care
  • Sleek Design
  • Eliminates bad odor, taste, and hardness
Blue Star Aristo
  • Aqua taste booster
  • UV fail alert
  • Child lock function
  • Low-pressure alert
  • High-quality RO membrane
HUL PureIt Advanced – Pocket-friendly
  • Free installation
  • Power saving mode
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • User-friendly features
  • Compact design

Why RO Purifier?

Clean and germ-free water is indispensable for life. However, globally speaking, the amount of contamination and pollutants present in water has become an alarming concern.

        • Due to rock corrosion and violation of health standards, there is an increase in the presence of metals.
        • Millions of people worldwide are suffering from gastrointestinal illnesses, which can be life-threatening.
        • The lack of proper treatments and draining systems causes industrial wastewater to be mixed with groundwater. That, in turn, contributes to long-term damages and hazards.

According to researchers, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification is the ideal solution for all these problems. It can purify water that is deemed unfit for consumption. It not only removes bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms but also, eliminates metals.

Unlike other filters, RO removes even the tiny particles, including those that are dissolved.

The RO system is also useful in removing toxic chemicals from drinking water. Furthermore, the system also comes with advanced technology, which enhances the taste, odour, and colour.

The benefits of RO are uncountable!

However, the most important one is that it also reduces the cost of purchasing bottled water. Not just that, but it also reduces plastic consumption by a significant amount. It means that the one-time investment is an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice over bottled water!

Here are some more reasons to consider RO purifiers:

      • The RO water is not only excellent for drinking but also for cooking. If your water contains harmful chemicals and impurities, the foul taste will affect your food as well. Get ready for a better tasting tea and coffee!
      • The purified water will taste different and more refreshing, hence keeping you fresh and energized too.
      • When frozen, RO water looks crystal-clear and free from impurities.

In short, clean and pure water will reduce the risk of water-borne illnesses; keeping your family fit and healthy!

Best RO Water Purifier Reviews

So, here is what you’re looking for-the reviews.

You can see our detailed take on each of our top RO systems below:

1. AquaSure Smart Plus – Best of them All

For a safe and healthy experience, Eureka Forbes is the way to go. The brand keeps customer satisfaction and convenience its top priority. That is one of the prime reasons why the brand is most sought after by customers!

Known in the market for its efficient water purifiers, Eureka Forbes is the customer’s top choice. Its sleek design, smart indicators, and attractive design are all unique and high-class.

Before we review the product, here are some of the excellent features of this RO purifier:

  • With a stunning black finish, the filter stands with a capacity of 6-litres.
  • The brand offers free installation with every purchase.
  • It is ideal for 200-2000 TDS.
  • It also enables adjustment of TDS for taste.
  • With a smart energy-saving mode, it automatically turns off when the tank is full.
  • The indicators also alert in case of the low pressure or no water supply.
  • AquaSure smart plus is built with inbuilt voltage stabilizers to protect it against fluctuations.

With that said, there isn’t room for more!

The AquaSure Smart Plus is a renowned product for its high-efficiency and user-friendly features. The classic design is made to suit your taste, giving the kitchen a trendy look.

The 6-litre capacity is sufficient to fulfil your daily demands. You can fill the tank in case of low levels and have it last for the day. What customers love the most about this product is its energy-saving mode.

By shutting off automatically, it conserves more energy than most competitive products.

If you’re concerned about noise, then let us tell you, it works silently, without disturbing you at all.

Another item to look out for is its user manual. In case the company is unable to provide you with prompt installation, you can do the work yourself with absolute ease.

Pros Cons
  • Completely silent
  • Saves energy
  • Looks modern and sleek
  • Auto-Shut Feature
  • Slow after-sales service

2. Kent Grand – Ideal Water Purifier

The six-stage purifier ensures healthy and pure water all at the touch of a button. The price-tag may appear high at first glance; however, the numerous features make it worth it. What’s best is that the product is certified, making it authentic and desirable.

Dubbed as one of the best companies in the market, Kent offers top-class services like none other. Not only is their system highly efficient and up-to-date, but their services are also remarkable.

It is best suited for Indian houses and offices using brackish, tap water, or municipal corporation systems.

Kent is a popular purifier choice owing to its brilliant features. Here’s a breakdown of what all this RO water purifier offers:

  • 8-liters storage capacity that is sufficient for a family of four.
  • Timely services, that too, free of cost for three years!
  • Unique designs that are made to complement your modern kitchen without compromising the style.
  • It also includes smart, user-friendly features so that you don’t find it difficult to operate it.
  • The high flow rate of 20 litres per hour is another fantastic feature.
  • Multi-stage purification with RO + UV/UF

One advantage of using Kent Grand is that the durable product is leak-proof. You will not have to fret over replacing broken or leaking parts. However, do keep in mind the high maintenance costs. This higher charge is typically only to ensure efficient performance.

But with free services for three years, we’re pretty much sorted!

The save water technology is another advanced feature. It aims to reduce water wastage by recovering the water. In contrast, the water level indicator helps conserve energy. You can review the levels and turn on the system accordingly, as per your needs.

Along with these features, is the patent RO mineral technology. While purifying tap water, it retains essential natural minerals.

Pros Cons
  • Controllable TDS
  • Leak-proof design
  • Good storage capacity
  • Suitable for all inlet sources
  • High maintenance cost

3. R.K. Aqua Fresh – Best for Large Families

Thanks to Aqua Fresh for setting the bar so high. We don’t think any brand can come close to it! Despite its low price, it is a fantastic purifying system, made entirely for Indian households.

Another reputed brand in the Indian market, R.K. Aqua Fresh offers you precisely what you need. With a purification system of 6-stages, you’re bound to get crystal clear water. These stages filter out small particles, chemicals, and even bacteria.

With a capacity of 15-litres, it is the ideal choice for a large family. Here’s what customers who bought this had to say:

  • It warns you in case of a filter or UV failure.
  • The TDS adjuster helps you achieve your desired measure.
  • Using the water level indicator, you can fill up the tank when the levels run low.
  • The product is also CE, and ISO certified.
  • The latest technological components include mineral cartridges and iron remover.

R.K. Aqua Fresh removes even the most stubborn pollutants, keeping your family fresh and healthy. Furthermore, it delivers odourless and better-tasting water.

The best part feature of this product is its super-fast flow rate of 10 litres/minute. If you have high consumption and need something that meets your demands: look no further!

Another advantage of using this RO purifier is its attractive design and transparent cover. Moreover, the product is easy-to-assemble, and you will not have to seek help from technicians.

Here’s the best part! In case of a component failure or replacement, you can buy off the accessories from the Aqua Fresh website.

We love how R.K. Aqua Fresh is affordable and pocket-friendly, given its large storage capacity. The one thing we would like the brand to add is a better quality filter cap to make it’s durable. This way, the product would offer value for money!

Pros Cons
  • Automatically-controlled
  • Attractive design
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Needs better quality filter cap

4. Kent Ace – High-performing Purifier

In addition to the high storage capacity, the speedy flow rate ensures you never run out of clean and purified water. In summary, Kent Ace is among the most-voted RO purifiers – for all the right reasons!

Kent is a popular name in the world of water purifiers. The brand is consistent with quality and ensures 100% customer satisfaction. It is evident by their futuristic technology and advanced, but user-friendly features.

Kent Ace is one such product by the brand that defies all odds. Before we get talking about the water purifier, one unmissable quality is their one year warranty on the product with three years of free of charge services.

Customers cannot seem to get enough of the product, and here’s why:

  • The patented mineral technology preserves essential minerals. It is particularly crucial as the filters automatically flush out vital nutrients.
  • The computer-controlled alerts notify you in case of a filter or UV light failure. The feature ensures 100% efficient performance and safety.
  • Additionally, it is also certified by top organizations, which is a guarantee of its authenticity and quality.
  • Kent Ace has a capacity to store 8 litres of water, which is sufficient for the entire day. Not just that, but it also flows at a rate of 15 litres per hour.

Apart from these fantastic qualities, Kent Ace comes with an in-depth manual. This step-by-step guide helps you through the assembling and installation phase. The after-sales support is available on-demand, so if you want to seek technician help, Kent offers that too!

The product’s high-quality demands minimum maintenance and help apart from the regular cleaning. Moreover, the three-year free service is like a cherry on top!

The only issue with the product is water wastage, which you can minimize with the help of a reject tank.

Pros Cons
  • Prompt delivery
  • Perfect for Indian households
  • Computer-controlled options
  • ABS food-grade plastic
  • Wastes a lot of water

5. P-Link Black Edition – Best Design

You may need external help with assembling the product due to the lack of a manual or guide. Since the company charges for installation, you can hire a technician from your neighborhood company to save the cost.

Are you looking for an RO purifier system with aesthetics and performance – all in one? Well, you’re in luck! The P-Link black edition offers you a product that looks as appealing as its functionality!

The trendy design is made to perfection, which looks highly attractive. We’d give 10 points to the designer for it. Moreover, it can be placed over the tabletop or mounted to the wall with complete ease.

With a capacity of 12 liters, the storage seems more than sufficient. Here’s what more it offers:

  • The product comes with all pre-filters and fitting accessories.
  • The 12-month warranty covers the product.
  • It has a 5-stage purification method that filters out dust, chlorine, lead, microorganisms, and more.
  • The stainless steel chambers for filters are leak-proof to prevent an extra burden on the customer.
  • What’s best is how affordable the product is, given its amazing qualities.
  • It also has an automated on/off option, which saves customer’s time and effort.

The only slight drawback to the product is that it doesn’t include a UF filter. However, it still does the job well at purifying ordinary tap water.

One key feature is that the system works effortlessly without any noise or disturbance. Due to the tap being wide, the discharge rate is higher than what most systems offer. You can quickly fill up a litre under 30 seconds.

When buying P-Link, keep in mind that the company charges additionally for installation. However, given the low price, we would not mind paying the extra service charges.

Pros Cons
  • Trendy Design
  • Water tastes good
  • Silent performance
  • Good storage capacity
  • No installation guide or manual

6. Havells Max – Smoothly Flowing Purifier

Users are pretty happy and satisfied with Havell’s max. It is the ultimate stylish purifier to add to your house. The compact filter does not take up much space and is a perfect choice for Indian kitchens.

This mid-range RO water purifier fits within budget without having to compromise on features. Havells Max promises on safety and purity by offering its futuristic purifying model. Through RO and UV purification, it rids the water of any contamination.

But with the mineral cartridge, it adds back a spectrum of minerals for a tastier and healthier experience. Additionally, the revitalizer restructures the molecules to improve hydration and mineral absorption.

Take a look at some of its brilliant qualities:

  • The tank capacitates up to 7 litres of water.
  • It has a rapid flow rate of 15 litres per hour.
  • Havell’s I-protect feature continually monitors the water and purification process.
  • A unique 7-stage purification involving a silver impregnated taste enhancer.
  • The system is also guarded against any potential damage by fluctuations.
  • It also includes a removable tank for periodical cleaning.
  • It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the tabletop.
  • Zero splash faucet offers a smooth flow.

The maintenance cost for the first year is free. However, post the first year, service charges will be applicable. Havell’s is a high-maintenance product. But, the reason for this is your family’s guaranteed protection.

Electrical parts and filter cleaning is crucial to maintain efficient performance. For this, we reckon the cost worth the hassle.

Like all RO purifiers, Havell’s wastes a lot of water. To reduce this wastage, we suggest adding in a reject tank or recycling it for daily chores.

Additional features that should not be missed include the user-friendly indicators. They notify when the tank is full or if there is an error with the system.

Pros Cons
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Enhances taste
  • Value for money
  • User-friendly
  • High-maintenance
  • Wastes a lot of water

7. Ruby – Economical Purifier

Ruby Purifier is a solid purchase considering its low price. With the cost saved, it is easier to seek help from an external technician in setting up the purifier. It speeds up the process and ensures proper performance with no leakage.

With ceiling-high prices of most competitive brands, Ruby comes with its range of affordable purifiers. Not only is the product pocket-friendly for the customer, but it also consists of up-to-date, advanced characteristics.

The modern design featuring a transparent cover is one of a kind. The all-white purifier comes in a neutral tone to match tones of standard Indian kitchens.

The purifier, with its multi-stage performance, provides you and your family with pollutant-free water. High-quality water is what they promise and what they deliver!

Here’s what you can find in the Ruby Purifier:

  • It has an up to 12 litres per hour flow rate.
  • 6-stage filtration removes viruses, bacteria, and TDS.
  • Activated carbon filter ensures enhanced taste and odour.
  • It contains a storage capacity of up to 12 litres.
  • It also includes a TDS adjuster to set the TDS measure according to taste.

The only concern that most customers have with the Ruby RO water purifier is the non-responsive customer care. However, most customers, for this reason, hire external help, which is cheap and helpful. This way, you can get your purifier installed and running without any delay.

A few customers also had difficulty replacing parts like a membrane, which can be slightly costly. Moreover, the brand may not cover these electrical parts in the said warranty. When investing in Ruby, look out for websites that sell replacement parts for your convenience.

We recommend the product for households with low TDS water to increase longevity. The salt deposition can clog the parts, reducing their life. However, with low TDS, the product will work efficiently with close to zero problems!

Pros Cons
  • Value for money
  • The cartridge is easily replaceable
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Poor after-sales service
  • Not long-lasting

8. LivPure Glo

Given all the points, we highly recommend this for households with low TDS municipal water. All in all, it is worth a purchase, considering the one-year warranty and positive customer reviews. The little delay in customer care can be compromised, keeping in mind the high-quality and efficient performance.

Livpure Glo is among some of the high-rated products given its price range. The sturdy body, high performance, and smooth flow are incomparable.

It has a UV + RO + TDS purification process that eliminates all impurities. While, on the other hand, the mineralizer adds back lost minerals for a healthier experience. It improves the overall quality of the water, making it drinkable.

Given its colour and design, LivPure Glo can work well with almost all interiors. You can place it practically any spot without worrying about the appearance.

Other highlights features include:

  • The size is compact, making it suitable for small families.
  • You will require minimal guidance during installation, due to the level of ease.
  • It offers a storage capacity of 7-litres.
  • It is the right choice for those on a budget.
  • LivPure Glo can handle a TDS of up to 1500 PPM.
  • The mineralizer adds back vital nutrients.
  • It offers an improved taste.
  • Another impressive quality is that the makers use food-grade plastic for the purifier.

It is undoubtedly among the top purifiers to consider when looking for a low-range product. Though, the customer service needs to be improved to classify it as the top-best. Hopefully, with that worked on, LivPure will be considered as the go-to product in terms of filters.

Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • Economically-priced
  • Compact
  • Does not require an additional pump
  • Too much water wastage
  • Delicate water tap

9. Blue Star Aristo

The amazingly designed purifier is made to cater to Indian households with harsh tap water. Its efficient performance and high-quality is worth the purchase. Moreover, a good majority of the customers have termed the product as long-lasting and durable.

Underground or municipal water is often subject to pollution and contamination. That, in turn, causes several serious illnesses. In this situation, it becomes necessary to purchase a product that clears out tap water, making it drinkable.

Blue Star Aristo does this job with its 6-stage purification method. It handles the hardness with absolute ease, giving you a better quality output.

Additionally, the sleek black design makes the product a must-have. Its compact design can easily fit under the kitchen or mounted in the kitchen.

Take a look at what more Blue Star Aristo can do:

  • It has a large capacity with a 10-inch filter.
  • The box includes a user manual to guide you through the installation stage.
  • For every litre, it discharges 650 ml water which you can later use for laundry or gardening,
  • The UV fail alert notifies any time the lamp fails to function.
  • It also includes a complimentary pre-filter.
  • The Aqua taste booster maintains the pH of tap water, making it taste better.
  • Its child-lock function helps to prevent unnecessary water wastage.
  • The copper impregnated activated carbon cartridge removes filthy odour and also has anti-bacterial properties.

Other exciting characteristics include its user-friendly operation. It includes its alerts and indicators. Blue Star Aristo also indicates in case of low water pressure.

While purchasing the product, we would recommend investigating customer service in the area. Due to a massive influx in installation demands, the process gets slowed down. In the case of non-responsive by their customer service, you can always hire external help to set up the filters.

Pros Cons
  • Trendy design
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • May need water booster additionally
  • Slow customer service

10. HUL PureIt Advanced – Pocket-friendly

HUL is a suitable choice for individuals with low consumption and budget. If you do not mind the noisy performance and customer service, it is worth the buy. Considering its low maintenance cost, it is for all those on a tight budget.

While multi-stage purification is the most sought after feature, it is not the only one to look for in a product. HUL Pure It is a brand that lives up to its name. It purifies the water against contamination and all other impurities, giving you crystal-clear water.

Its unique appearance and the compact look are just what you need to add to your kitchen. The modern vibe is like none other! From the colour choice to its minimalistic appearance – it is perfect!

Here are the features that put HUL into our list of top 10 water purifiers:

  • It is ideal for a TDS of up to 2000 ppm.
  • The company offers free installation.
  • Pure It comes with a one year warranty on the product.
  • The power-saving mode helps to preserve electricity.
  • It also includes an advanced voltage fluctuation guard to protect against any damage.

The product is one of the few affordable purifiers. With free installation, that is every customer’s dream. However, due to non-responsive customer care, the assembling may be delayed.

We suggest going for external help in installation to speed up the process.

Apart from that, the product does not include the booster pump, iron cartridge, and pressure-reducing valve. These need to be bought at the time of the installation, which adds up to the cost.

Another issue customers experienced was the noisy motor. However, most filters produce some level of sounds and vibrations when functioning.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Takes less time to fill 5 liters
  • Less maintenance
  • Includes installation kit
  • Noisy
  • Poor customer service

Top 10 RO Systems in India

Product Filtration Process Warranty Storage Capacity Dimensions
1. AquaSure Smart Plus 6-Stages 1 Year 6-liters 31.8 x 20.5 x 46 cm
2. Kent Grand 6-Stages 1 + 3 Years 8-liters 39 x 25.5 x 53.5 cm
3. R.K. Aqua Fresh 6-Stages 1 Year 15-liters 50 x 40 x 70 cm
4. Kent Ace 6-Stages 1 + 3 Years 7-liters 41 x 29 x 59 cm
5. P-Link Black Edition 5-Stages 1 Year 12-liters 20 x 20 x 40 cm
6. Havells Max 7-Stages 1 Year 7-liters 27.3 x 38.2 x 49 cm
7. Ruby 6-Stages 1 Year 12-liters 27 x 45 x 57 cm
8. LivPure Glo 6-Stages 1 Year 7-liters 32 x 28 x 52.5 cm
9. Blue Star Aristo 6-Stages 1 Year 7-liters 34.2 x 20.5 x 45 cm
10. HUL PureIt Advanced 6-Stages 1 Year 5-liters 38 x 16.5 x 42.5 cm

How to buy the Best RO System in India

buying best RO system for home

Those were our top choices. But we are not forcing you to buy them. In fact, you can also buy a good RO purifier effectively. But you need to know a few key things.

Take a look at these crucial parameters to make a better choice when purchasing an RO water purifier.

1. Get Ample Storage as per Your Requirement

One thing to look for in a purifier is ample storage space. It becomes particularly important in the case of a large family. Continually manual filling up of water can be a tedious job. But, to our luck, most RO filters come with a container.

The purifiers fill up the tanks automatically when the sensors find it empty. This system also helps to conserve energy by shutting off when not in use.

Storage is essential mainly when you use the water for cooking, as well. This way, you will never have a shortage of purified water.

2. Cost vs Features

As it’s suggested, never infer a book by its cover; similarly, never judge a product by its price tag. While a low-price may seem very appealing, the brand may not offer the best quality. The decision, then, comes down to what you are looking for in a product.

With a small family or less usage of water, purchasing an expensive RO purifier may not seem like a wise decision.

Go for a product that offers value for money and suits your individual choices.

A hefty price tag may not necessarily offer you excellence! However, you need to understand that the RO water purifier should work effectively in the long run. For this, you need to invest some bucks.

3. Durable Design is a Must

Spending bucks and having the RO system fail within a year can be daunting. Most filter parts are made with plastic, which can be delicate and may be subject to leakage. It means constant replacements and maintenance.

To avoid a situation like this, what you need instead is a durable product that lasts longer than other competitors.

High-quality, efficiency, and durability should be your primary goals when investing in a brand.

4. Water Wastage

As we all know, RO water purifier system uses up a lot of water that typically goes down the drain. High in TDS, this water is mostly unusable. Most brands list their products with information on how much of the water goes to waste.

It helps make a decision regarding whether the product is eco-friendly or not. Some systems re-use this water, and others recycle it towards the laundry.

We recommend a purifier that comes with minimum wastage.

Products like Havells and LivPure discharge plenty of water, for which you may need a reject tank.

5. More the Filtration Stages, better the Purification

RO multistage purification
Pic Credit: Kent

With the advancement of technology, brands are incorporating a combination of filters. It helps in targeting multiple problems at the same time.

  • For example, the UV lamp eliminates all harmful microorganisms.
  • The sediment filter, in contrast, filters out all tiny particles.
  • Moreover, the activated carbon filter enhances the taste and removes any foul odour.

The number of stages means better quality water! It is one of the primary reasons why most filters these days come with over five stages of filtration.

6. Indicator and Alerts

One very crucial element to look for is user-friendly indicators. UV lamps are typically short-lived, meaning they need regular servicing and replacement. When the light fails to work, the only way to know is through an automatic alert.

Most brands, for this reason, come with an alert system to notify when they fail to work. This feature gives you the surety that whatever you are drinking is 100% pure and germ-free.

Similarly, the indicator tells you whether the tank is full or not.

7. Water Flow

What is an excellent filter without adequate water flow? You cannot be expected to stand next to the tap, trying to fill up the right amount!

Water pressure is an absolute necessity when it comes to all the purifiers. While some products offer a storage space of over 10-litres, others don’t. This lack of capacity can be problematic and may

LivPure Glo and Ruby both offer 12-litres per day. Havell’s, on the other hand, delivers 15-litres per hour. With a speedy flow like that, you will be able to fill up litres in no time!

8. TDS Levels

TDS levels vary location to location. Most municipal water sources have a high TDS level. RO purifiers, for that matter, work well at reducing the hardness. 

  • However, different purifiers are suitable for different TDS levels. For example, Kent Ace can be used for a TDS of 500-2500, which is pretty good!
  • Along with that, we also highly recommend a TDS adjuster who can help get your desired value. It is mainly vital to receive the right taste.
  • Only seek a purifier after a TDS measure of your neighbourhood water source. You can only make the right decision based on the level of hardness and impurities.

9. Size

Another critical factor to look for is size. Most Indian kitchens are designed with minimal space. It can get challenging to accommodate a purifier in that case.

Both table and wall-mounted filters require sufficient space to set up the storage tank, wires, and filter membranes.

A smart idea would be to compare the size of the product with the space in your kitchen to see if it would fit.

10. Ease of Installation

If a system is almost impossible to install, it can get tough for you to assemble it yourself. It means you may need a trained technician to set it up for you. However, due to an overload of such requests, most companies are not able to respond timely to most customers.

In such a case, we would not recommend relying too much on such services.

Moreover, not every company offers free installation services, which means adding up to the overall cost of the system.

Due to this, we highly recommend you purchase a product that you can assemble yourself with ease. Units that are to be installed under the sink are the most challenging ones. They require drilling and mounting, which may not be a piece of cake.

Here is a guide on how to assemble RO water purifier at home.

11. Replacement and Maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial part of any filter. Due to dust, clogging, and failure of components, an RO water purifier’s life can significantly be affected. Kent offers a year warranty and along with free services for three years. That reduces the burden on the customer and encourages them to seek technicians regularly.

However, customers must keep in mind that the warranty often does not cover many electrical parts and filters. In the case of a UV lamp or RO membrane failure, the customer will have to replace the parts.

Most customers find it challenging to find replaceable parts due to a lack of availability in the market or high prices. In this case, the customer should only purchase products from a reliable brand that has hands-on services and easily-accessible parts.


Here are some FAQs to clear out the common misconceptions regarding RO purifiers.

How to make RO purifier at home?

One alternative to the expensive branded RO systems is to create one at home. In doing so, you save a couple of thousands, which sounds pretty convincing!

Follow these straightforward steps to build your own:

  1. The first step is to purchase a three-five stage purifier that comes without valves and water lines.
  2. Set up the system under the kitchen sink or any other desired spot.
  3. Along with that, gather a few hardware items (T valve, water lines (1/4″), quick connect with auto-shutoff, and a water tank).
  4. Attach the t-valve with the cold water line at the kitchen sink.
  5. Install the quick-connect between the system and the valve for auto-shutoff.
  6. Allow the reject water to either drain in the sink or rejection tank.
  7. Collect purified water in the storage tank.

Is reverse osmosis better than a water softener?

By now, we know that the RO purifiers work on filtering the water. Softeners, on the contrary, condition the water. The process involves ionization to replace magnesium and calcium with sodium ions.

If your water source contains hard water, you can add in a softener to cut down on the hardness. You can then use this water for everyday household chores.

However, only RO systems can eliminate impurities. These impurities include chemicals, metals, and microorganisms.

You can get a combination, as the water softener can protect the RO system from scaling and clogging.

What is the difference between UV and RO purifiers?

The RO vs UV purifier debate is an old one. Most people cannot figure out the difference between the two, and hence, their buying choices are affected.

UV filters function with the help of an Ultraviolet lamp. This mode of filtration is quite common in most purifiers and is also one of the most demanded ones. The reason for this is pretty simple.

The UV light kills any harmful microorganism that could potentially lead to waterborne illnesses.

The Reverse Osmosis filter, on the other hand, works a bit differently. RO is a system that works on multiple dimensions at the same time, unlike the UV filter.

It can remove dissolved salts, while also enhancing the taste, odour, and colour.

If the TDS is less than 400 PPM, you can easily grab one of the best UV water purifiers, instead of an RO system.

How does reverse osmosis work?

RO purifiers filter out or separate 90% of dissolved pollutants through its semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis membranes remove up to 90% of whatever is dissolved in your water, including essential minerals, if any.

  • So, if the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels are 900 ppm, (parts per million – a measure of TDS), post-RO, it will be in the range of 90 ppm. If the TDS is 300, then post RO, the TDS will drop to 30, which is lower than ideal.
  • So, it is safe to say TDS levels of over 500 ppm, warrant an RO system. Using an RO purifier for water with a low TDS, to begin with, often strips away minerals like calcium and magnesium.

That leaves the water with deficient TDS levels. It may not be best either from the taste or health point of view.

RO waste water is a big headache. They waste up to 80% of the water being treated, which goes down the drain. It puts a strain on our already scarce water resources.

How to repair RO purifier?

Filter leakage is a common sight in purifiers. However, instead of spending bucks on calling on technicians, you can try fixing the issue at hand. Loosely fitted integral filter parts often end up in leakage; tightening them will solve the problem!

Slow water flow is mainly a result of choking. Due to the high TDS level in Monsoon season, after rainfall, the salt deposits can clog the filter. The clogged tube often ends up in reduced pressure. Deep cleaning and replacement of tap can solve the issue.

For bad odour and taste, drain the tank three to four times to get purified water. However, if the problem persists, check the TDS measure or replace the filter.

What should be the TDS level in RO?

Ordinarily, the reverse osmosis system rejects up to 90% of the total dissolved solids (TDS). This way, the purified water should contain a low TDS. For a reading of 200 ppm, the reverse osmosis purified water would typically include a measure of 20 or less.

How do you clean RO purifier?

Urban cities like Pune, Nagpur, and Mumbai are very dusty owing to the air pollution. It causes dust to accumulate and settle over the purifier.

  • This dust can seep into the filter polluting the water and damaging the filter components.
  • For this reason, we recommend regular dusting and cleaning to avoid damage to the motor.
  • Additionally, most purifiers come with removable tanks and containers. You can remove these for regular cleaning. Other systems come with auto-flushing that cleans the filters automatically.

What is the maintenance cost of the RO purifier?

On average, a multi-stage purifier requires cartridge replacements quarterly. The annual charges for it are approximately 4000 –5000. However, keep in mind, these charges can vary depending on several factors.

If you do not take appropriate care of your purifier, there is a possibility that the charges double.

Moreover, breakage and leakage are two widespread issues pertaining to water filters. Additionally, considering regular fluctuations, the motherboard and chip short-circuiting are damages you may have to face.

To dodge these annual charges, we recommend regular maintenance and servicing of your filters.

Is RO good for the environment?

Installing a reverse osmosis system at home is an excellent alternative to purchasing plastic bottles. Keeping in mind the environmental hazards and the cost, it is highly beneficial for the environment.

Moreover, RO uses far less energy than any other filtration method. Most brands design their products with energy-saving features. It conserves electricity by shutting off the system automatically when the tank is full.

It only consumes energy when turned on to fill up the tank.

Is reverse osmosis worth the cost?

As mentioned above, purified and filtered water can save you the cost of purchasing bottled water. Additionally, it is far better to make a one-time investment than to suffer from never-ending illnesses.

However, there is a slight disadvantage to the RO water purifier. This type of filter often needs replacements, maintenance, and servicing, which can be slightly costly. It is also more expensive than any ordinary filter. But, the improved quality is undoubtedly worth the added cost.


Looking at the endless list of negative impacts that impure water can have, it becomes a health necessity to find a solution. What better than a water purifier than filters out harmful materials, while also improving the taste?

The advanced technology also helps to keep you hydrated and healthy! It is the ideal water filtration system for your house and even the office.

Our list of top 10 best RO water purifiers in India won’t need you to splurge over your budget. These affordable choices are undoubtedly worth the investment. The top-notch features and up-to-the-mark appearance will surely find a place in your wish list.

In fact, for a higher TDS of more than 300 PPM, they are the best bet.

Compare the products listed with similar brands in the market and choose the best one according to your needs.

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