Best Pureit Non-Electric Water Purifiers in 2021: Top 5 Picks

The increasing contamination and impurities in our drinking water have become life-threatening. You don’t always have to get highly-priced electric purifiers. Non-electric water purifiers too can do the job in most cases.

A trustable and nationally recognized brand, Pureit, comes to rescue with its range of non-electric purifiers.

  •  It is a popular name in the purifier market. It is primarily for their modern-looking, well-built purifiers with excellent durability.
  • Their advanced technology beats that of many other companies.
  • We don’t think any brand comes close to Pureit in terms of aesthetics.

Let’s find out more about their unique gravity-based purifier range.

Best Pureit Non-Electrical Water Purifiers

Below is the list of Pureit’s high-class products to consider when looking for non-electric water purifiers.

  1. Pureit Advanced 23-litre non-electric water purifier
  2. Pureit Classic 23L Water purifier
  3. Pureit Advanced 14 L gravity water purifier
  4. Pureit Classic 14L water purifier
  5. Pureit Intella 12L

1. Pureit Advanced 23L

Pureit Advanced non-electric water purifier 23L

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With a classy transparent chamber and monochrome appearance, the Pureit Advanced is one of our favourites. It’s an amazing gravity water purifier you can trust.

Its double protection purifies water twice to guarantee safety. For your health and well-being, the product eliminates one crore viruses in every litre of water.

Moreover, this output is always odourless and natural-tasting to give their customers the best experience.

Here are some more reasons to give Pureit Advanced a shot:

  • It meets all US EPA standards.
  • The unit does not require a tap connection.
  • It has a total capacity of 23 litres with a purified capacity of 9 litres.
  • This Pureit gravity-based water purifier comes with a six-month warranty.

2. Pureit Classic 23L

Pureit Classic 23L gravity water purifier

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When it comes to water purifiers, what most consumers look for is efficiency and appeal. Luckily, Pureit Classic 23L has both!

The sleek, 23-liter capacity-holding model is a top choice when it comes to performance. What makes it better than the rest are its user-friendly features. Unlike other gravity-based purifiers, this one has indicators to alert users in case of a failure.

The Germkill indicator lets you know in advance if the kit needs replacement. Additionally, the auto-shutoff mechanism prevents pure water from flowing into the raw water chamber or vice versa. That ensures 100% purity and safety.

Here’s what else this Pureit non-electric water purifier offers:

  • The activated carbon trap removes harmful pesticides and odor.
  • The break resistance tap has been tested up to 50,000 times to ensure a longer life.
  • Its GKK life indicator lets you know when to order for a new one.

3. Pureit Advanced 14L

Pureit advanced 14 litre water purifier without electricity

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Individuals who don’t wish to spend much and have a smaller family can compromise on storage. Pureit makes sure to accommodate everyone!

Their advanced gravity-based purifier is available in a 14-litre capacity and economical price. The slim and attractive design is all you need to hit ‘add to cart’. Its white and blue colour contrast is here to revamp your traditional Indian kitchen with its modern look.

Not only that, here are some more prominent features of Pureit Advanced:

  • It meets the stringent USA EPA guidelines.
  • The system shuts off as soon as the germ kill kit fails to do its job.
  • The brand offers a six-month warranty.
  • It is ideal for a family of three to four as the purifier water can last for the day.

4. Pureit Classic 14L

Pureit Classic 14 litre water purifier

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Like Pureit Advanced, the classic model also comes in the 14-liter storage purifier. It allows the customer to choose the model based on their required space.

The standard white model with transparent cover stores about 5-litres of purified water. The size is ideal for bachelors or families of three to four.

Moreover, the product offers complete protection against cysts, bacteria, and viruses. The germ kill kit eliminates these disease-causing microorganisms from your drinking water. It can significantly help improve your family’s health.

Some more reasons why it has become such a popular choice is:

  • The user manual makes the installation phase pretty convenient.
  • Auto-shutoff makes sure the user gets 100% safe water at all times.
  • It has a compact and sleek design.
  • It removes one crore viruses in every liter.

5. Pureit Intella 12L

Pureit Intella

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The best part about Pureit Intella is its durability and sturdy build. Not only that, but Intella is also one of the most affordable gravity-based purifiers as well.

Here’s why it’s so popular among Indian households:

  • The twist-fit fitments are easy to install and use.
  • The covered design looks classy and complements modern kitchens.
  • Intella’a 4-stage purification process eliminates all impurities.
  • Its germ kill kit expires after four months.

Equip your kitchen with the Pureit Intella for access to cleaner healthier, water at all times. If your local water supply is infused with sewage smell, the carbon trap can do the job in eliminating it.

We highly recommend it for areas with a lower TDS reading since it is a pocket and space saver.


With a brand that promises quality and customer satisfaction, why look for any other? Pureit is the ideal choice, like Kent non-electric water purifiers, when it comes to non-electric purifiers. That is mainly because of their unique and trendy designs, durability, and affordability.

For individuals looking to avoid a strain on their wallet, Pureit is the one to go for!

Make your final decision and choose among the range depending on your storage need. Always go for a smaller unit if you have a smaller family to save up on the cost!

The bottom line is that you need to quit risking your health and switch to gravity-based purifiers.

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